What would you do?

So, I think I knew this might eventually happen.
This blog began for me during a very low point.  I was blogging on my MySpace page but discovered that I had a lot of emotions brewing around that I wasn't completely comfortable having a classmate from high school reading, or more importantly, my sister or my husband.  So, I started this blog.  And *gasp* made up a fake name.  
OK, so some of you know who I am.  Whatever.
But, now I've kind of made some cool cyber friends, fellow bloggers, bloggees, what have you.
I originally intended to have this be a completely anonymous blog where I could rant like Dooce, but hide behind a fake name.  Well, I don't think that's working.
1. If I only come here to complain, that kind of limits my readership (you guys probably think I'm just a whiny baby)
2. Some of the things that cause stress (house, husband, MIL) also cause joy, and then I'm afraid to get into too many details for fear of exposing 'the real me.'
3. I never want to post pictures because someone might recognize me/my house/my dog/whatever.
So, my three semi-loyal readers (and an unknown amount of lurkers), what should I do?
I have another blog that I update periodically with house stuff and house stuff only.  Should I kill this pseudo diary and start over?  Should I keep this, and just change it to my real name (which is sadly obvious, if you just look around)? Or continue as such with my life segmented into the good and the bad?
How do you cope?  What happens when something in your life triggers you to write but you fear for who may see it?


  1. I say that if this is good therapy for you (so you can vent), then go for it! It's your blog, and you can use it how you want. Besides, this is cheaper than retail therapy. ;)

    Hope you are doing well!

  2. I have considered doing the same thing. Because of the nature of my work, I can only say certain things sometimes.
    At times? I long to let it all fly though... You'll know what is right for yoU!

  3. Sounds like this blog has served its purpose and you need to move on to more authentic things that ring true for you and you alone. A good friend should be able to listen without judging and love you no matter what, but good friends like that are hard to find. Why not change this blog into something else - let it evolve? You sound like you need to resolve the real you with the emotional/venter people know (and love) here. It's like having an invisible friend - this persona you created for your blog needs to break free. And that may mean saying bye bye to it OR giving it a new face. Turning the "X" that marks that spot for Jane Doe into someone you want the blogging world to know.