Things have been pretty crazy lately.  Work is the complete opposite of what it was just two months ago.  I have so many projects in limbo right now.  Finishing up numerous things, starting so many more, and I have given enough estimates that if all approved, I will be busy until May.
And then, there's the house.  The thing with a life of it's own.  It is amazing.  We are finally in charge and a calm has come over me.  While I was just on the side lines watching, it was very frustrating that things weren't being done fast enough. And now, that we are able to get our hands dirty, I'm having fun.  I'm in total pain (!) but loving every minute of it.  Last weekend we painted the entire house. All 2,800 square feet - walls, ceiling, bonus room, closets! (OK, so we didn't get all of the inside of this one small closet, but who's ever going to look up there?)  And after that, we managed to install several of our kitchen cabinets.  Getting them out of their boxes was feat enough.  It feels really, really good.  This week, when people ask when we will be moving in, the answer is 'six weeks.'  Which puts us around March 18th, a full two weeks before my self-imposed deadline.  And puts total construction time just over five months. OK, five months, two weeks.  I really wanted to hit five months.  

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  1. Wow. That is seriously a lot of painting, good for you! I can't imagine how sore your arms were after! You'll have to post pics after!