I should be working right now, I just don't feel like it.  It's Sunday, early afternoon; I should be taking a nap, or watching on of the twenty shows from last monday that is waiting patiently for us in the DVR, or playing with the puppies.  But, I'm not.  I need to be working.  One of the projects at work got juggled around, so that's off my plate.  But, if even half of the projects I gave estimates for get approved, I am going to be slammed again very quickly.  So, in order to help myself, I assigned myself homework.  Which I thought was very responsible of me.  Except now, I don't want to do it, even though I know that it is probably best.  So, instead, I blog.  It's a much more useful waste of my time. Unfortunately, I really don't have anything worth talking about. 
Insulation and drywall have been installed on schedule.  Except, when mentioning the "window problem" (that would be a window that doesn't match the rest and is hideous, but is still there months later) for the tenth time to our builder, he acts like it is the first time it was mentioned.  And then says that "we ordered it that way." Um, I don't think so!  AND that "they wont return custom windows."  Well, they were custom wrong!  Take it back!  If I have to break that thing to get it off my house, I will.  The stacked stone will be here in a week, so they best be replacing it quickly.  That's all I have to say about it.  And, I still have a number of things that need to be ordered from the same place, and I will reroute that money elsewhere.  
OK, I'm off to transcribe some interviews.  Should be a blast.


  1. I hope you got a little bit of nap time in, or at least a little something fun! I'm impressed that you brought work home though! ;)

  2. So you're saying I should gain weight and that wrinkle might smooth out. Hmmm.... I like the way you think my friend. :)

  3. PS...
    Hope things are going well on the house front and at work.