Too much!

There is so much going on right now, it's absolutely crazy.  Work is out-of-control-what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-insane.  Which is a nice change from the going-to-shoot-myself-I'm-so-bored-slow it was a few weeks ago.  But, of course, timing couldn't be more worse!  The house is about to be in our hands.  Insulation began yesterday (about 10 days behind schedule, don't get me started.  Well, OK, there might be a certain electrician I want to strangle, anyway.) and drywall will be delivered Monday.  Two weeks for that, and the house is ours!  Like 90% of what will be left will be our responsibility.  In the following order: shower pan.  paint.  cabinets.  tile.  bamboo floors.  light fixtures. closet shelves. (have carpet installed)  deck.  The deck may or may not be done by us.
Tonight after work, we are meeting with the builder so have a status check on the budget.  WE have been pretty much in line.  We need to see if HE was too.  Via phone updates, he has claimed that we have been under on pretty much everything.  But it has been minimal amounts.  Stone was $600 less than anticipated, which was great.  Foundation was less.  Still don't have a total on doors and windows.  Which is why we haven't ordered our front door yet. 
And that last post about my sister and Facebook?  Yeah, it pretty much resulted in us not speaking.  And after all the stress I have written about this past year involving her, we probably wont again for a very long time.  I think that maybe what I am seeing as pure anger and hatred from her is actually anger derived from sadness that I don't support her.  But, too busy to really think about it anyway.
Oh yeah, MIL is back with us for a bit.  BIL is demoing and replacing his entryway stairs, so she's out of the way with us.  Which is fine.  I've been too busy to even notice her right now.  And she needs to get all the milking out of the way, because.....
Sorry.  Had to get that out of my system.  In the same way that it took  a while to sink in that she was sick, it's taken just as long to really grasp that she's going to be OK.  
What will I write about?!?
It's pretty amazing.  Going from the original diagnosis of "maintaining the cancer." and her "15% survival rate" to the words "Cancer Free" and "stepping down" is pretty crazy.  She would constantly complain that she wanted a miracle.  And she got one, every day.


  1. That's amazing. I hope she enjoys this fanastic blessing... so many other people never hear those words from a doctor.

  2. That is amazing! Sometimes it works out well, and it is awesome each time. Your comment? Priceless! My sister would have the same problem!