It begins again.

At this very moment, I should be doing a few other things.  Writing an ad for an upcoming event for a client.  Writing a script for a video that will eventually be produced.  Or, I could be doing this.  
I choose this.
Just don't tell my boss.
I think I need a get away.  I don't know where I would go.  Don't know who I would go with.  But I feel it.  This ache to be outside this window, away from my desk.  
To be honest, my backyard would be a great destination.  Just to sit there and stare out at the sea of green that has become the one saving grace of all this rain.  To drink something fun and fruity.  Listen to music.  To just relax.  
But, I can't.  Because my MIL comes home today.  I've been dreading it all week.  Which is sad, I know deep down that once she gets there, it wont be nearly as bad as I have been imagining, but it wont be good, either.  
The new revelation is that in addition to her arrival, we will have not one, but FOUR strangers in our house.  I do not like the idea of this.  Two different therapists, a nurse, and a home help person.
Anyway, I'm not going to talk about that anymore today.  Instead, my book.  
I have made a lot of mental progress.  Which is to say that I have made none with my computer.  So, I realized that I have a fancy schmancy phone that [after downloading the app] will record voice.  I think I can tell the story to myself aloud on my drives home, then type them up later.  This gets it out, puts it somewhere, and hopefully forces me to move on.  I like the way it's working in my head.

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  1. Do you have any idea how long she'll be with you guys?

    If you start getting stressed, pour a glass of wine (or something) and go sit out back and look at your new lawn. :) Make that your little "escape" spot.