I heart Art!

I wanted to complain more about the situation at the house, but I really have to stop that!  So, instead, I thought I would participate in a little game going on over at Domestically  Challenged? 3baybchicks, and Im Living Proof God Has a Sense of Humor.  
They are gathering up all the creative types and letting you show off your abilities or your child's abilities.  Since I fall into the 'no child' category, you will be seeing some of my work!  Now, technically, my job title is 'creative,' so I thought about posting some of the advertising I have worked on.  But, I didn't design it, I just wrote it, so I thought that wouldn't be fair.  And then I thought about a fine arts direction, but since the last thing I created was well over ten years ago, I figured that wouldn't really work either.  BUT, I do cakes!  I decorate a cake like nobody's business.  OK, maybe not that great.  But I enjoy it.  So, here are a few of my favorites.  (BTW, if anyone submits one of these to Cake Wrecks, Im going to be upset!)

This is a wedding cake I made for my husband's assistant.  I was really excited when I dropped it off.  The mother of the bride asked if the cake was 'under that ceramic thing.' I had to explain that the 'ceramic thing' was the cake.  I consider that a success.
This one is another wedding cake for a friend.  Simple and elegant with a green ribbon that matched the bridesmaids dresses. 
The animals on top were hand-molded out of fondant.  The stripes and dots were also fondant and the icing was butter cream. 

My nephew is hilarious.  He is also a little spoiled when it comes to his birthday cakes.  So for his 3rd, he got Spiderman.  For his 4th, he wanted Spiderman again, but settled on something else.  For his 5th, he was just as indecisive, but settled on Wall-e.
So, of course, I can not just draw Wall-e on a cake, nope, I have to make him 3D.  
I was a little disappointed that his neck was a wooden dowel and I had to have a small board support his eyes, but the rest is edible.  
OK, so that is my art!  Head on over to the other blogs to check out some more!


  1. Kelli,
    I am beyond impressed! I knew you decorated cakes, but these are AMAZING! Elijah is next to me freaking out, wanting to make the Wall E cake. He is wondering where you get your "cement top" and what type of cake mix you use.

    Now, I have orders to go back so he can see the Wall E cake and plan some more...

  2. Oh my gosh I love the pink one with the pigs - so cute! love the scallop look at the bottom too!

    By the way, let me know if you have any questions or need any help with the scrapbook you want to make! I am so willing to help - I love it. I even got my best friend to do it and now we try to do it as often as we can!

    My tip: start by organizing all the photographs you want to put in the book. Try and put them in the order you want the book to go in because that will make the whole process so much easier.

    Also, try to decide if you want the book to have an overall theme (like if you want to use all the same papers, embellishments for the whole thing) or if you want it all to be a little different. I think both ways looks really pretty. I sometimes like it better if every page is different just because I personally get bored with the same stuff and I like to change things up a lot but that is totally a personal choice.

    Okay, I'll stop now. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have ANY questions at all. I'd be glad to help!

  3. WOW! You are super talented!!! Those cake are just awesome!

  4. Wow! I love the cakes!! How did you get started? Did you take a class or anything?

    These are great!!

  5. Yeah, you might want to forward the mail ;). But that one you can do online at usps, it costs $1 but its well worth it!!

    That is awesome that you are teaching classes now, I think I'll have to grab a book and start, its always been one of those things on my to-do list!

  6. These are good. And they look delish.

  7. When I saw Sara pick your post out as one of her favorites for We Heart Art, I quickly ran over to your spot in the blogosphere. I have to say that I am beyond blown away. You made these? As an avid Ace of Cakes fan, I am humbled by the mini-miracles that you create in your kitchen.

    Thanks for playing along with our We Heart Art carnival!


  8. these are AMAZING!!!! Seriously. I can NOT believe you just like, DID these. I don't even know you (came over from sara's blog) but I was shocked. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them, but my favorite is the baby shower cake. I wish I was your friend of a friend of a friend :)