Cakes are great!

So, I got some major love from Sara over at Domestically Challenged? this morning!  That was really exciting to wake up to. She mentioned my admission into the We Heart Art contest where I showed off some of my cakes. 
I started this blog (originally anonymously) as a journal of sorts and it is slowly evolving.  To what, I'm not exactly sure.  From a business standpoint, all advice points to (changing to deep business guy voice) 'doing one thing on your blog and doing it well.' But, I don't have one thing.  I tend to complain about my home life.  I love my work life (but usually avoid that as a subject).  And I've decorated cakes.  
So, my Friday posts will now be about cakes.  I will feature a specific cake, describe the process of putting it together (which often involved a lot of cursing!)
Todays cake will be the first.  The one that started the obsession.  
Five years ago, my grandparents had their fiftieth anniversary.  And they wanted to have a big party.  I thought it would be really cool to make the cake for them.  And I wanted to go big.  I mean BIG!  I had no formal training at all, just a few season of watching Food Network and having made birthday cakes for everyone in my family for years.  (But, they were average, 2-layer, chocolate frosting from a can).  So, I went to Barnes & Noble and sat down.  I read several books and ultimately left with Cakewalk: Adventures in Sugar with Margaret Braun.  
 From that book, I chose one of her designs.  It featured tiny, hand-sculpted limes, lemons and oranges.  It was adorable.  But since the party was in the fall, I changed the decorations to leaves and acorns.  
OK, so, before you see the photo, I have SEVERAL things to point out.  Each tier had four layers.  All of the cake was made from scratch.  The butter cream was made from scratch (with real butter).  The fondant?  From scratch - it was Margaret's recipe.  Royal icing decorations?  From scratch.  From the time I bought the book until I delivered the cake was a little over three months.  It was a crash course to say the least!  Also, this is an old photo (pre-Kelli having digital camera days), so it is a scan that I butchered in Photoshop. (please don't judge!)

I was up until 2 a.m. three nights in a row.  My husband had to go to the grocery store on multiple occasions, for eggs [twice] and sugar [three times]!

Since then, I have been hooked.  I hope new readers find something they enjoy here.  If you ever have cake questions, feel free to ask! (I teach Wilton classes, too)


  1. Wow! I'm so impressed! I don't think I'd have the patience for that. They are gorgeous! Props to hubs for running to the store for you! lol

  2. Yes, a press would be a good idea, mine got all fluffy, but they were still very tasty :).

    I love the cake, you do such a great job. I'm going to try it out and blog about it when I get the chance!!

  3. Will you come to my house and make Wall E with Elijah? Kidding. I am going to buy him some fondant and cake tonight, and off we go!