Busy, busy, busy B.

In all fairness, I should be writing a post about my other adorable pup, Phoebe (and yes, she is named after that Phoebe from Friends).  But, I'm pretty slammed at work right now.  [not so slammed that I haven't already skimmed tweetdeck for interesting ad things as well as learn what everyone is having for breakfast].  I'll be back tomorrow with Cake Friday (still haven't come up with a clever name, so I will probably just stick with the obvious.)
Next week will prove to be exceptionally busy.  I leave bright and early Monday morning (like 5 a.m.-ugh) and will be on location until late Thursday, where I will head straight to cake class, pass out, pray I make it through Friday, and if I make it out of bed Saturday, I will probably pass out on an inter-tube floating down a river with some friends.  Pray I have enough sun screen!
I should have evenings to myself most of those days, so (if I have internet- you have no clue where we're going!!) I might update some posts, otherwise, I will be working on my book, since I finally have some inspiration.  I have an outline and a good chunk of chapter 1.  I think I might use you guys to give me some feedback.  I might set up the book to release next week while I'm gone and see what you all think of Ch1.  There is a 'pivotal plot point' that I think I might reveal too early.  I can't decide.  It's basically what the entire book revolves around, so I don't know if I should get it out of the way soon, or draw it out.  What do you guys think?  I categorize the book as 'chick lit,' it's very introspective, and the chapters flip between current day and the past, starting at a crucial point in the relationship and working backwards. (does that make sense?)
If you guys are up to it, let me know, because I want serious help/advice!

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