A little over two years ago, we decided we wanted to try out dogs (like training wheels, before moving on to kids).  So the week after MIL moved in with us, we piled into the car and drove way too far with a woman who had just had a biopsy of her lung done.  We were looking to find a Yorkie Poo and a Miniature Daschund. When we got there, she had sold the last Yorkie (sad) but had an 8 week old Shih tzu Poodle mix.

He was a quiet as he was fluffy and laid down by my feet.  He was so quiet!  But very sweet.  He didn't bark at us, but gently tucked his head under my chin as I held him close to me.  I was in love.  

Yorkie he was not, but I was taken by his tiny tuft of white hair on his chin and chest.  Like a tiny tuxedo shirt!  He has since turned into a rambunctious, protective, jealous bigger ball of fur.  And I still adore him.

And, if you want to see something funny, watch this video.  Because 1. He is cute and it's a funny little trick.  But 2. I'm wearing terribly tight athletic pants THAT I SLEEP IN - not for public! And BTW, the background is my MIL's house, not mine.


  1. That video was super cute. Makin' your little puppies dance for their treats...funny! I like to do the same thing with my kids from time to time.



  2. Oh I love the video :). Those dogs are super cute!!!

  3. By those dogs I mean your dogs!

  4. Oh yah. My dogs would NEVER do tricks for treats. The act entitled to the treats and REMIND me every few hours that it's time for one and hurry it up will ya?

  5. I can't see the video! Shoot!! I must need a new video player or something.