House warming party

OK, so this past weekend, we had a house warming party.  I wanted to have a party and show it off, since we worked so hard on it!  And then one of our friends volunteered to host it (actually she demanded that I let her throw us a party, before I even told her I was thinking about having one).  So I gathered up a list of names and addresses of my co-workers, some random friends, and people I have gotten in contact with through Facebook.  And Heather wrote this really cute poem and sent out the invites with directions to the house.I guess I should maybe give a little back story.  I was a dork in high school.  There, I said it.  Actually, I probably wasn't a full-on dork, just filler.  You know, those people that are there, but just aren't really important to that many people.  I used to blame it on my shyness and the fact that we were broke.  
But, I'm beginning to think that it's just me.  And a long time ago, I decided to be OK with the small but loyal group that I run with.  And I still am, but I guess, just once, I wanted a BIG crowd.  You know? So, Heather, her husband and Jennifer came over with tons of food and set everything up!  It was so pretty.  We managed to get our pool table in on time.  And we found a great entertainment center that we rehabed.  AND, the biggest part, we sent MIL to her other sons house for the night.  Which is HUGE.  Like, really, really huge!  This will not happen again any time soon.
So, people started to trickle in, with a few only staying for a quick tour.  Which was fine, I expected that people wouldn't want to hang out at my house all night.  But really, I had about 15 people show up the entire time.  Several people at work told me they wouldn't be able to make it because they were going out of town.  But then, several others said they would make it, but never did. 
And that makes me sad.  Because I know that I'm just not that important to everyone.  So, I am back to my mantra, Quality, not quantity.  Funny how that seems to work across everything.  Clothes.  Work (i.e. headlines). Food. And friends.  
So, with that, thanks to my group of followers.  You're a small crowd, but you're loyal!


  1. The kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the bathroom sink!

  2. I love the pictures of your house, they're great! I'm so sorry not very many people showed up :(. I would be pretty disappointed too. If I lived near you I would have been there!!

  3. It's beautiful, I'd want to show it off too!

    I'm kind of similar to you. I have just a small (and it seems to be getting smaller, sadly) group of friends. I've moved away from where I grew up, and once you're not in school anymore, it's difficult to make friends. Especially women. I don't understand it, but everyone I know seems to already have the amount of friends they want and aren't interested in new ones. :(

    About the wood/metal flower pot thing...I'm not planning on doing anything to it, but you could use a spray sealer. I may do that, but probably won't take the time. The thing was just a dollar. But if yours cost more, I'd probably just seal it and call it a day. ;)