New car

Right after we bought our first house (Closed Nov 2004) and got married (April 2005), I decided I needed a new car.  I was torn between the Chevy Cobalt and the Scion Tc.  I loved the look of the Tc, but knowing how long we would be paying it off, I thought that a 2-door wouldn't be wise, as we would have kids during that time.  So, I took the practical route and chose the 4-door Chevy Cobalt.  I found a black one with all the fun stuff.  It even had a factory 10 inch sub in the trunk.  
But then, Brad and I realized we didn't want any kids, so my attempt to be practical left me stuck with, well, a practical car for no reason!
So, of course, we just moved into the new house and I found myself itching for a new car.  Seeing as I didn't get exactly what I wanted last time, I thought I should get a fun car this time.  And seeing that Brad complained about my American car the entire time I had it, I opted for a foreign. (BTW, what kind of car does Brad have you ask?  Why, an AMERICAN and A CHEVY to boot. He claims that it's OK if he gets stranded somewhere, but not me.)
I have had my eye on the new Altima Coupes since they came out.  They are so cute!  
So, here is my new car, parked in front of the new house.  Can you say spoiled?  Because, I am.  But, after all the stress going on around the house, I think I deserve it.  And, since my last car was out of warranty, Brad wanted me to get something new anyway.  
It has some very cool features, too.  You can barely see it peeking out from behind the steering wheel, but there is no ignition.  Just a button.  It works with a fob that senses if you are near the car.  You can click it to open, or just have the fob in your pocket [or purse] and a small button on the door will unlock.  It's crazy.  I threw the keys in my purse and we didn't touch them all weekend, just carried around the purse.  
I have never been one to name my cars or anything, but I think she might need a name.  Any thoughts?


  1. Very cute! I have a Nissan, and that sucker has never given me any trouble. I think I have about 175,000 miles on it, and the only thing I've ever had to do to it is replace the battery (other than regular maintenance). Names...Roxanne? LOL I don't know why, but it looks like a Roxanne.

  2. I love the car!!! I'm so jealous!!!

    Names... no idea. I do love Roxanne tho!

  3. We don't eat fast food either!! Every once in a while we do and I end up with a fried chicken something... I'm going to take your suggestion and look it up.!I don't do soda either, or really a lot of junk food or red meat, though recently... my weakness is chocolate!!

  4. Very cute! Roxy is a cute name. I love the silver color. Me? When i got my new car last year, had to get a family vehicle that could sustain stains and fingerprints...sigh!!

  5. Great car. The silver looks awesome in the sun.