Cake Friday

So, this past Friday, I came to work as usual.  Of course, that only lasted about an hour.  Then the migraine began.  Dull at first, tricking me, "I'm not a migraine, I'm just a little headache.  You can make it."  So, I tried.  I thought maybe it was allergy related.  I popped one extra strength excedrin (My savior) and one tylenol allergy sinus.  Unfortunately, I didn't really have anything to do.  So I stared at my computer screen, steadily feeling worse.  Two hours later, after a 'nap' on a co-workers couch and upgrading to Imitrex, I threw in the towel and went home (it was noon).  That would have been fine and the end of it.  I usually just sleep it off for a few hours and go on my merry way.  Unfortunately, that was not an option here.  I had a wedding cake to make.  So around 4, we drove to the bakery to pick up the baked cakes, icing and the Bavarian creme.  

Um, about the creme?  Yeah, they were out.  And the icing?  They were running low.  And the pillars that I SPECIFICALLY called about, they didn't have any.  Which has made me strongly question my choice of relying on the bakery any longer.  

So the next morning, I had to rush to the only baking store nearby and grab pillars and plate dividers.  Which double sucked because I had to work in the cake in the morning (rather than that night, as I had planned) and because I had to cough up some cash, where as the bakery owes me money, so I just trade for my supplies.  
Despite the headache and supplies issue, I delivered this cake Saturday at 3:30.  It was very simple, and they provided the flowers.  I just had to assemble it for them.  They liked it, and were really glad that I could do the flowers.  

When I arrived, I asked if they had a topper, and the coordinator handed me a rubber-banded bunch of flowers.  I asked if I could take it apart.  She gladly agreed! 
This was actually the first time I have done any cake that involved pillars.  Mostly because the pillars are kind of outdated. (Or at least, that's my opinion)  I like the way this one turned out, and since the pillars separated the two sections, putting it together was easy and I didn't have to worry about a traveling catastrophe! 

The part that really sucked about the whole thing was the migraine.  If I don't take them seriously on the first day, they will haunt me for days after.  So, I wasn't fully myself until Monday - just in time for work!


  1. K i tried to post, but I don't know if it went through or not. Anyways pretty cake, I like the flowers on it :)

  2. Aw, I am sorry it turned out like that, with the hassle and the migraine. I love the cake though! I would totally eat it, pillars or not! {i agree with you on them}