Blessing in disguise

So, I wanted to tell you guys about how we took our pool table room from this (not bad)
to this (much better) this weekend.
How the design changed midway.  And how my knees and thighs hurt as if I did 1,000,000 squats this weekend (which, I did, in effect) since we don't have a work bench and the saw was on the ground. 
How this is just the beginning of the projects in the pool table room, and how we will eventually put dark wood beams on the ceiling. 
But instead, the disaster.  
After working all day on this project, we sat down for a quick dinner and Brad started a load of laundry.  He went to check on it after an hour...
There was yelling.  Lots and lots of yelling.  The washing machine broke.  And by 'broke,' I mean the sensor that knows the washer is full of water broke and continued to pour water.  By our estimation - for about 20-25 minutes. Of steady, pouring water.  

All in the laundry room. 
It seeped under the wall, into the garage.
It seeped under the other wall, into the master closet.
The irony of it all?  We were washing towels, so there was nothing to help soak up the water.
The carpet in the closet was so wet that we pulled it up and put it on the deck.  The padding was wet, too.  At first, the plan was for me to step on it and Brad would suck up the water with the wet vac.  After about two minutes of that, we realized it wasn't going to work.  There was just too much water.  So we peeled back the padding and put it on the deck too.
While sucking up the water, I noticed something on the tack strip.  Was that mold?  In our BRAND NEW HOUSE?  Our so-new-house-that-I-hadn't-finished-unpacking-new-house?  Our new house that we built?  So new that you can still smell the paint?  So new that every time I scuff the floor I cry a little inside?
Yes.  It was.  And without hesitation, I yelled to Brad, "Bring me a crowbar, this base molding has got to come off!" And it did.  More mold.  WTF?  
"I think it's the air conditioner."  I said.  "The pipe comes out of the wall around here."  So, we went outside.  Sure enough, there is the pipe, dripping water, just like it's supposed to.  We head up to the attic.  That same pipe is soaking wet.  Either from a leak or condensation.  
Back in the closet, Brad cuts a huge hole in the wall.  Five feet wide, one foot tall, at the floor level.  More mold and lots of water.  IN MY BRAND NEW HOUSE!  
Um, can you say, 'Not happy?'
We called our builder, who promptly directed us to the HVAC guy.  Who was at the house at 8:30 this morning.  And he informed me that the pipe had a crack in it at the base, right where it turns and goes out of the house.
He fixed it.  I don't know if he fixed the drywall or not.  I haven't been home to see yet.  
Despite being majorly disappointed about washing machine, I guess if that had never broken, we never would have pulled up the carpet, and we never would have known about the leak.  And who knows what kind of damage that could have caused in the long run.


  1. You poor thing~! I think I would've lost it! Do you have to pay for the damage, or is it the installers fault?

  2. That would suck for anyone, but especially you since you just moved in! At least your water heater is new...in our last house, that busted on us...and hubs was out of town when it happened. Just my luck.

    The room looks nice!