Part of me wants to pick up on my rant from yesterday.  And another part of me knows that it will do no good.  So, instead, let's talk about how spoiled I am.  Yes, I am.  So spoiled that my husband is getting a new iPhone 3Gs for his business.  And he is giving it to me.  Granted I'm trading him my 8 month old [never-been-dropped, perfectly protected in a little case thankyouverymuch] regular old iPhone 3G.  Yeah.  I'm pretty spoiled.  

On something completely different, Brad finally broke down and joined the ranks of Facebook.  And I kept hounding him on the fact that he needed to put up a profile picture.  I mean, only creepy people keep that strange outline avatar thing. 
Well, yesterday, he messaged me and told me to get him one of those 'profile things.'  Apparently someone told him he needed on. (Yeah, ME!) Someone else.  So, I go over to his page and it's some chick he went to high school with, but barely remembers.  OK, no big.  But this is the same chick that did something VERY strange last week.
I got on Facebook, and in my feed, it says "Brad has been tagged in a photo by [this chick]."  I scroll to see the photo, and it's us.  Me and him.  From a party we went to months ago.  Actually, a party for on of my co-workers!  
At best guess, she was on Brad's page, came over to mine and looked through my photos and saw Brad (Who was not tagged because he didn't have a Facebook page when the photo was posted) and decided to tag him.
Which is really, really odd.
Am I jealous? No.  not even close.  Am I concerned? not really.  I mean, it's Facebook.  That's kind of what happens.  You unlock the crazies from your past.  And you can't not accept them, you just 'add friend' and then hide their feed, ignore their emails and decline their apps.  
Or at least that's what I do!
What about you guys?  Do you facebook?  Any crazy stories to share?

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  1. I have a facebook. It's been fun to reconnect with people, and also cousins who live far away. No crazies stories though. :D Yet. haha

    We just got iPhones yesterday. I just have a regular 3G (8gb) and hubs got the new 3Gs (16gb?). The only difference I can tell is that his has more memory and also takes videos. I didn't need to spend an extra $100+ because I won't use all of the functions. He will though, for the music stuff. It would be cool to have a video function though! :D