Today is a good day. Or at least, it has started out that way. I have Girl Talk in my ears (thanks Matt!), Starbucks on my desk, I'm wearing jeans and my car is in the parking lot. I have lunch plans with a friend and the next four days off! All those things–those simple things add up to one happy Kelli.
My bride went back and forth on a design for the cake, and she finally decided on something, so that's exciting. And this weekend is the 48 hour film. I'm super excited about that! Last year, we had an awesome time. I know a few of you know Liz from Mabel's House, well I work with her husband, PoorMatt. And I'm on his team. We have a lot of cool people, so it's going to be fun! So, here is last year's video. I wrote and was the production assistant (which means I bossed around a bunch of guys.) and Matt directed it. Once we are allowed to post this year's video, I'll have it up as well.
So, I'm going to grab Wednesday by the britches and kick its butt! See you all on the flip side. (That's Monday, in case you're wondering.)

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  1. Cant wait to see what you guys come up with this year! I have a good feeling, it's a great team.