Cake Tuesday?

I can't really wait until Friday, so here is the wedding cake I delivered over the weekend!
I took two days off to work on it. I didn't exactly need two days, but with the 48 hour film fest starting Friday at 7, I had to have the cake finished by then.
I baked, torted, iced, and fondant-covered the cakes Thursday.
Friday morning, I got up at 6 and started decorating. I planned it so I could take a late afternoon nap before the all-nighter that would be ahead of me.
So, um, you might notice that this cake looks nothing like this cake. Well, last week, the bride texted me after I sent her a link to my sample cake. And she had talked with her future mother-in-law and thought that maybe they were more traditional people, and maybe she should have a more traditional cake.
Which is fine. She can have whatever she wants. So she sent me a few sample photos. But, they really lacked 'oomph.' So, I sent her a few photos, and she decided on this design. In a 3-tier.
BUT, I thought it would be nice to give her a tiny tier for their anniversary. So, it became a 4-tier.

But wait, you say, "Didn't I just count 5 in that picture?"
Yes. Yes you did.
Because I realized that if I did 4 tiers, the cute red birds would be sitting on a blue tier. And really, they needed a white tier.
So, it became a 5-tier.
Yeah. I tend to do that often.
I picked up a cake dummy at the bakery (because, really, who needs five tiers worth of cake? That 12 inch bottom layer [if real cake] would feed about 75 by itself).
I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up some red satin ribbon. Yes, that crazed looking, sleep-deprived chick with a pony tail wandering around HL straight up 9 am was me. And, yes I did have wads of red and blue fondant in my hands.
I also bought white ribbon, but as you can see, I didn't use it (many reason...) and I'm glad. I really like the alternating ribbon and pearl borders. It gives it a very eclectic but balanced feel.

I left to deliver the cake Saturday around 3 p.m., thinking I would get there around 3:30, be out by 4 (at the latest), home by 4:15-4:30 and back to our film set.
That didn't happen. First, my GPS led me down a road (that I didn't end up taking) that led to the lake. You know the middle of it. I called, only to find out that I was only HALF WAY there. Joy. Because riding down a windy, hilly road with a cake in my lap is a joy.
So, we kept going. Almost got lost again.
Called, again.
And finally made it.
Where it was raining.
I then take the cake (which is in 3 pieces-the ones seen above) down a flight of stairs.... to a table. The one the photographer said, 'Um, I think it goes there.' very nonchalantly as I walked in, still shaking from the awful car ride.
I assemble it. All is well. Until mother-of-the-bride walks in.
"The cake doesn't go there."
Aww crap!
I disassemble it.
And move it across the room.
And reassemble it.
And perch the cute little birds on top. Finally, the bride walks in. Laughs and says, "Kelli, I don't know if you can count or not, but that's not 3. That's 5." It was cute.
She was happy, I was happy. And hopefully, her future MIL was happy.