The dreaded B-day.

I have been busy lately. Like really busy. Like sit-at-my-desk-and-eat-lunch busy. OK, so I usually sit at my desk and eat lunch, but I'm usually blogging then-or reading all of your blogs! Instead, I have been working. Which is fine, sometimes it happens. There is just one of me and more work than I can handle. I do a few things at home to help, I work through lunch, stuff like that. I would arrive early/stay late, but I car pool.
But, I kind of stubbornly refused to work this past weekend. Saturday was my birthday. According to some, 'the last birthday a woman ever has.' Yep. twenty-nine. The last year of my twenties. 361 more days until the big three-oh. I'm not really looking forward to it. I mean, I'm not exactly dreading it either.
It's just that, I typically hate my birthday.
Or should I say I don't hate it, I just always feel let down. And it's usually my own fault.
It started when I turned five. (yep, that far back). That was the year my youngest sister was born. And she was born six days before I turned 5. She came into this world via emergency c-section, and 16 hours later underwent open heart surgery. She had another surgery three days later. She stayed in the hospital for weeks.
I remember my grandmother taking me to the store on my birthday. We were buying flowers for my mom and sister. I remember pointing out that, it was in fact my birthday. And that I had reached quite an accomplishment, I mean, illustrating my age did require the use of all my fingers on one hand. I didn't understand.
My reign as summer birthday queen was over. My thunder stolen each subsequent year, as her birthday succeeded mine by a mere six days. Joint birthday parties crowd my childhood memories. While my other sister -the winter birthday-always got a little something on our birthdays because they didn't want her to feel left out. On her birthday? Well, it was four days before Christmas, we could just wait.
It's such a silly thing. The birthday. Brad doesn't understand it, he couldn't care less. To me, the birthday is an opportunity for everyone to have that 'one day.' The momentary time in the spot light. For all your friends to stop and say 'hey, you're a special person to me. Glad I have you in my life.' or something cheesy like that.
Ok, so this is dragging on, so I will just cut to the chase. That didn't happen. For whatever reason, I'm just not as important to people as they are to me. And even at work, I am relegated back to the days of birthday sharing. In my building alone, there are 5 other birthdays within a week of mine. And if I bring that circle out to include my non-work friends, it gets even worse. I actually share my b-day with one of my friends. And honestly, I just wanted to have a low-key dinner with just the four of us.
Brad doesn't 'do' Birthdays. But during a momentary lapse of judgement, I began to construct the possibility of a greater plan in my head on Friday afternoon. And was totally let down.
OK, so I'm done whining now. Back to work.
What about you guys? Birthdays= love 'em or hate 'em? Do you share yours with anyone?


  1. I hope you had some fun on your birthday! Core doesn't do birthdays either. Dorks! I am all about birthdays, and love doing them up!

  2. I've been trying to explain this concept to my husband for years. He doesn't avoid birthdays but he doesn't get all the fuss. I've said almost your exact words "It's the only day about YOU! All other holidays are about family and events. My birthday is about ME! Your birthday is about YOU!" He still doesn't get it. :-) And, there is a summer birthday curse! I never got to bring cupcakes to school for "my" day. I had to share in the stupid "Summer Birthday" party with 10 other kids. Boo.
    This year was the big three-oh for me (and I was actually looking forward to it)... but was eclipsed by the birth of my niece (the "first grandchild") a week earlier. My mom didn't even show up to my party until I called to ask her where she was. Every year, I really believe "this one" will be fun... and then there's always a let down! But I'll keep trying! I firmly believe in birthdays!!

  3. I am actually a non-Birthday person. I mean I usually try to call a family member or friend on their birthday but often I forget. My sister and I both had October birthdays and my grandmother and aunt also have October birthdays so we usually celebrated all of them together. Maybe because I am the younger sibling and I never remember a birthday celebration of my own? N and I usually do something low key for birthdays...nice dinner and a movie. We don't even do gifts or cards anymore. Is that sad? It seems a little sad. I can understand wanting it to be a big deal though. Like mother's day this year (first one) I really hoped he had a spa day planned for me or that my mom and sister were surprising me with a visit or something. Then nothing and I will admit I was a little disappointed.

  4. I think everyone should feel special on their birthdays! It doesn't have to be a big to-do, but being acknowledged is nice!

    A friend of mine shares a birthday with her sister...yes, the same day! And, it's even worse now...it's Sept. 11. Oy!

    Happy belated birthday!

  5. I hate celebrating them but expect the hubs to make a big to do. Does that make sense? Ah ha. I say next year plan yourself one helluva bash that is celebrating only you! I hit the big 3-0 this year. The lead up is way worse than the event. I don't feel any older. : )

  6. I know how you feel, different childhood story but same ending. I always want the surprise Bday party or at least more effort put into it beside a cheesy card and a gift I had to tell my hubby I wanted. I go all out for his and the daughters Bdays just to be let down again and again when my turn rolls around. Oh well that's life the under appreciated women.