Im Breezy

I've pretty much been MIA for the past two weeks. And I really wanted to get a post out. I could have talked about the yummy cookies I made two nights ago. It was a lemon poppy seed cookie recipe that I modified with pulverized pecan instead of poppy seeds. And instead of the over-the-top lemon glaze, I substituted almond glaze (with just the tiniest bit of meringue powder to make it set better). I so love the contrast of the tart lemon against the sweetness of the almond. And yes, I probably would have put almond in the cookie instead of pecan, but I didn't have any (same with the poppy seed).
But I haven't taken any pictures of the cute little mounded cookies. And as I varied the recipe so greatly, I'd have to remember exactly what I did.
So, no cookies.
Or, I could talk about how my neighbors are probably horrified by the three foot wide by four foot tall splotch of paint that now stains the front of the house as Brad and I inch forward to painting the brick.
The back had three squares painted prior to the deck going up, but then they got covered. And then another three squares got added to the back wall. These bigger, and the colors closer to what we were looking for.
And now, the final selected color has made it's way to the front of the house, to be compared to the stacked stone color.
Paint will be purchased this weekend.
But, alas, I have not taken any photos, so this story is quite boring as well.
Work has been, well, work. A steady stream of brochures, radio spots and revisions. While fun, I find myself frustrated with the necessary pace. Sometimes I work well under pressure. And other times, I look back and think, "Gosh, if I'd actually had time to work on that, I could have thought of something much better." But, it is only advertising. Not a novel, to be stuck on a library shelf with the potential to be discovered years, or decades down the road. Nope, a flash in the pan of writing. A chuckle today, gone tomorrow. Quickly replaced by a new billboard.
Just thought I'd stop by, say 'Hi' and let you all know that I may not have time to comment, but I'm out there, periodically reading your blogs in my brief moments between jobs. It keeps me sane, it keeps me laughing.


  1. I'm excited to see what color you do the brick!

  2. Can't wait to see the brick! I feel myself heading toward the same point as you...we are at the tipping point of the house remodel, as well as school starting..EEK! I've been missing you though!