Down Home or Hopsack?

This weekend, we began the tedious task of painting the houses. OK, we didn't exactly start. We started to start. If that makes sense.
After work Friday, we hauled butt to Sherwin-Williams where Doug (who rocks and helped us with our interior colors) waited patiently as we sauntered in at 5:58, when they close at 6.
As someone with previous retail experience, I totally know better, but did it anyway.

Here are the colors we had narrowed it down to: (left to right) Down Home, Hopsack and a color I forgot.
We didn't like the last one because it took on a greenish hue when we got the larger swatch on the house (You can't really see that here, but trust me, it was green!)
I really liked Down Home, and Brad did too, which surprised him, quote, "I let you get that color because you liked it. I didn't think I would. Damn."
So it was between Down Home and Hopsack. So we drove through neighborhoods pointing at houses screaming, "That looks like Down Home!" and "Ooh, Hopsack!" (Yes, I used the names.
'Cause I'm a dork like that. Are you new to this blog?)

After a few discussions, Hopsack won. Mostly because we though the caramel-y color would be better for resale. While we might like our house to look like a giant glass of chocolate milk, the next person might not.

So, we're totally cheating and not priming (Don't tell Doug!), but did decide that the house was in need of a good power washing. So, I couldn't start this weekend. Boo!

And since I absolutely couldn't stand it, I painted the mailbox.Next weekend, Brad will start painting Friday while I'm at work. We're booked with events all day Saturday. Events? Yes. Floating down a river, followed by a going away party. So, once we pull ourselves out of bed Sunday, painting shall commence. I'm quite excited!


  1. From the picture (which I always think pictures look different than real life), I also like Down Home the best. But Hopsack might have been a "safer" bet. We are painting soon too and I'm debating between copying this beautiful house I pass on the way to work with its muted yellow and grey shutters or a light grey with black shutters. Likely will be the latter just because it would be more salable.

  2. I'd have a hard decision..both colors are great. I don't envy you the painting though. Not in this southern heat! We need to paint our trim and chimney, but are waiting just a bit longer for it to cool down.

    Are you painting just the brick and leaving the stone as is?

  3. Um, you are excited to paint? What?! Come paint my walls!