I <3 shopping! (edited for ease)

I love shopping. Absolutely adore searching for that perfect item at a steal of a price.
Although I really hated my time at the mall (all 7 years of it), I did enjoy the fact that come break time, shopping was just a short walk away.
Shoe sale at Dillard's? Hello, I'm there!
Banana Republic has sweaters half off? Count me in.
Bath and Body Works has a gift with purchase? Sign me up!
More shoes on sale? (I really like shoes) Well, you get the picture.
I like to shop.
Having my new shiny job actually requires the use of all those fun clothes I have been piling up, but there is no longer time to run to the mall. It's about a 10 minute drive away, plus 10 minutes back. That gives me only 40 minutes to shop. And really, that's just not enough. You can hit, what, one store? Who needs that?
So when a friend on facebook posted a comment about ideeli.com, I knew I was in for a treat.
Have you heard of ideeli? It's an invitation only online sample sale.
How fun is that?
So, said friend sent an invite out to all her facebook friends, and I joined.
That part was simple.

The way it works, the sales start and finish at a set time. When you join, you are automatically "second row" status. You can upgrade to "first row" status for $6.99/month. (Second row status is free).
The difference? First row ppl get to order during the first hour. Second row have to wait until the second hour. And they claim to have First row sales only, but I haven't seen one yet.
They also do giveaways. Like $500 purses.
I was hooked. I came across the Ben Sherman sale and was all "OH MY GOD!" And had to buy something right then.

How cute is this jacket? (Sorry for the tiny pic I thought of this after the sale was over and could only grab a photo from my basket). I needed a black trench coat.
And that dress? Totally fab. I usually don't wear dresses, but I had to have that one. You can't see, but there are super cute buttons down the front.
And do you see the prices? HELLO! That jacket was regularly $266. And the dress? $95. I mean, that's practically free.
OK, maybe not free, but still, totally awesome.
So, here's the deal, it's invite only. Want to play? Give me your email address and I will invite you.
They also do this thing where if your friends buy something, you get a $25 credit. But that's not why I'm doing this. I totally love sales and had to share.
If you buy something? Awesome. If not, that's cool, just stare and drool with me.
So, here's what I'm doing. If you want to play, simply click this link! (I did have this email thing with comments that I was going to do, but I found this instead! Much easier!!!)


  1. Oooh! I'm in. I think it is awesome you are doing this. I wish I were a better shopper. My boss never pays full price and always looks super cute. I usually wait so long to shop (simply because I don't have the time) that I am desperate for clothes and will pay whatever just to get a decent sweater. Oh and email is jenhaaland@gmail.com. Thanks Kelli!

  2. I just bagged up about half my clothes to donate. So that CLEARLY means I am entitled to shop more, right?! :-)