Top Ten Thursday

Oh boy!
So, I have this really deep, odd post I've been writing in my head all morning (you do that, right?) Anyway, that's tomorrow.  Today? Top 10!  Sara over at Domestically Challenged (and a bunch of people who I guess are equally awesome-but don't know because I'm scared that if I find any more cool blogs I will be fired for the amount of time I spend reading them all!)
This week's Top 10 is your favorite blogs.  Hmmm.  That could be hard.  Sara did her top new blogs and "didn't" feature people she has already featured. (hint: she totally did)
And as I started, I was like, I could do that.  And then, she listed Failblog and Cakewrecks. Um, it just got interesting.  That totally opens up a whole other section of blogs.
This may be harder.  Let's see.

10.  Failblog- Funny, sad, sometimes stupid always FAIL.  Good stuff!

9. Not Always Right- OK, so I spent 7 years of my life in the trenches of retail.  If you spent even one day folding T-shirts, flipping burgers or answering phones.  This blog is for you.  It's my daily dose of "The customer is still a moron" [even if now, I am that customer].

8. Cake for Breakfast- When life hands you lemons, some make lemonade.  Cake for Breakfast makes scones with lemon curd. (or whatever) She has bumps in the road but deals with it with grace.

7. If you ask me- A new friend, sharing some local love.  As much as I adore the people I meet from all over, there's just something about knowing the person your reading about has experienced the same traffic/weather/local flavor.

6. Un petite raison- Sweet, fun, and one of my twitter friends!

5. The Undomesticated Wife- Her blog bounces around topics [much like mine] and as a kindred writer, I enjoy her perspective.

4. Domestically Challenged- Sara.  Peanut butter. Turtles. Asher. Teacher. Hilarious.

3. Mabel's House- Liz is super fun.  She almost always keeps it light and happy.  If she's down, it's for a reason.  She writes in a way that I wish came easier for me.  Plus, I know her IRL (I work with her husband) so that makes her stories all the more hilarious.

2. Dooce.  She rocks.  I don't have kids, I don't want kids.  I'm petrified with fear of the thing that happens to bring the kid here (birth, not the other thing).  And yet, when she writes about it, I'm totally engrossed.  Like tears streaming out the corners of my cheeks laughing and banging on my desk.

1. CakeWrecks- I love cake.  Is there any question?  So this blog is right up my alley.  I've been reading for, well, a while.  Since a co-worker sent me the link when it was featured in Rock Candy [or something].  Jen is so funny!  And super-nice.  I offered her access into my photo cake collection and she informed me that none were wreck-worthy.  (Of course, I've done a few, I just didn't photograph them! I know better than that!)

OK, so that's just a part of what entertains me through the day. What about you?


  1. Thanks Kelli... that's so nice of you! And I wanted to tell you (since you mentioned your penchant for jackets and scarf related things) that Target has some great little fallish lightweight trench coats. I have a major thing for coats, and these are double breasted, tie around the waist and come in great colors. I got one in dark purple, and it was $40 (not bad for coats). Anyway, just wanted to share! See you tonight at this tweet thing.

  2. Awww...thanks Kelli! I took down my blog roll a while back because I had way too many to list. But if I have 25 new posts to read in my reader, there are definitely those I click on first. Yours is one of those first clickers and would definitely be in my top ten too!

  3. Thank you! Your blog is one of my favorites for the same reasons. It's neat to read what's going on in people's lives close to home and find folks with common interests and a similar sense of humor. Cake Wrecks and Failblog are definitely high on my list as well. How could they not be?! :-)

  4. And now I'm spending entirely too much time laughing at the Not Always Right site. Thanks. I needed another website addiction. :-) I submitted mine from when the lady called and couldn't remember my co-worker's name but when I gave it to her and asked her if she wanted the phone number, she said she had it on my co-worker's business card. So if you see that one on there in, you know, a year or two, let me know! :-)

  5. You're too sweet to mention me! I big puffy heart you!

    I *LOVE* cake wrecks! I've literally sat here in tears laughing at some of the things on there! It's by far one of the best blogs EVER. I submitted a picture to her, but I guess it wasn't funny enough. That's ok though! It was a cake my hubs bought me that was misspelled. eek!

  6. I had never, ever been to dooce before yesterday. Weird, huh? Thanks for playing, cuz you rock and stuff. Oh, happy painting today! HOpe the color is right!

  7. Having grace through difficulties is I think the best compliment ever. You couldn't have said anything nicer Kelli, that means a lot - especially coming from someone who I think handles pretty many challenges with style.