Temporary Goodbye

When my sister was 12 or so, she made a new friend at school, Traci. Traci had an older brother.  As my sister was four years younger, he was right between us in age.  15.  He had a hardship license, making him the automatic chauffeur for his younger sister and her friends.
That's how I met Kyle.  Driving an old, beat to hell Chevy Nova. 
I'm not going to lie, he soon became my chauffeur as well.  The next year, he joined my yearbook staff.  We were fast friends.  He, Jodi and I were mostly inseparable.  
I went off to college, and he spent the next two years making sure I never forgot about him.  And I didn't, don't think I didn't try.  You know, being the big 'college girl' and all.  
Two years later, he started at UCA (I at UALR).  We kept in touch.  If ever anything goes wrong, I call Kyle first.  When life gets bumpy, he helps smooth it out. His number is on of four in my favorites.  For a while, Brad harassed me because Kyle's number was first [honest mistake :)]
And now, Kyle is moving.  This was his going away party last Saturday.  I'm really happy for him, but I know I'm going to miss him.  Even though his number will still be in my phone, I still have him on Facebook, and the fact that his party was the first time I had seen him in person in a month [his sisters wedding], it's still bittersweet.  
But, he swears he will come back.  And he's not really that far away, just another state.  Actually he's living near my sister-in-laws parents.  I've threatened to pack up for a weekend and hitch a ride with my SIL next time she goes home.  
And I just may.
And just for the record, Brad is really drunk in this photo!  The woman who took these photos is actually a really awesome professional photographer.  I found it oddly appropriate for her to take our picture.  I told Kyle I wanted someone to take our pic and up she walked.  Of course, since Kyle is a photographer, his party was crawling with people who spend their lives behind the lens.  Brad was 'trying to hide' in this shot.  Don't ask me why.  Actually, if I think about it, I have a funny story to share about Brad that might make the photo make more sense.  Maybe tomorrow.

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  1. It's so awesome when you can find a really good friend. I'm sorry yours is moving away!