What about this?

First, thanks for several of you guys jumping in [and quickly I may add!] with advice.  I needed it.  Sometimes, you know the answer, you just can't hear it from yourself, you know?

I thought today I would share a funny from a week ago.  We spent the day floating down a river with friends.  Everyone drinks on the trip.  That's, you know, what you do.  Well, almost everyone drank.  I think there were three of us (myself included) who were DD's and didn't drink.  And there was one guy who got a DWI the last time we came down and oddly, he didn't drink either! :)
Brad and I have never been big drinkers.  And I am finding that as I get older (yeah, I know 29 woop-de-do) that I just can't handle it anymore.  I absolutely feel like crap the next day- but not hungover, just crappy.  So, Brad took a 12 pack of beer with him.  And he drank 11. Oh. My. Gosh! That's a ton for him.  I think he would have drank the full 12 pack, but I gave one away.
Later that night, we went to Kyle's going away party.  And Brad had two more.  I was beginning to wonder exactly how drunk he was.  Um, he was so drunk, that we had the following conversation:
*Someone at the party orders a Coke.*
Brad:   Mmmmmm. A coke!  Man, I should have had a coke today!  I haven't had one in a while.
Me:   You did have a coke today.
Brad:  What?! No I didn't!
Me:  Yes.  I packed one in the cooler for you. And at the last stop, you were out of beer and you grabbed the Coke.  Everyone told you to drink water.  I brought the water over to you and you said that 'your coke was practically the same thing.'  And then, you proceeded to march over to the edge of the water, pose like a swimsuit model and spit the coke down your chin.
Brad:  That never happened!
Me:   Are you kidding?
The conversation continued with me appalled that he had no clue he did something and him denying it. And him swearing that it never happened.
First, let's just remember who was drunk and who was sober.  Yeah, me, sober as a judge and all that happened.
But it made me think, people often do stuff when they're drunk and then later deny it happened.  And I've always thought those people [sorry] were full of crap.  I've never been that drunk.  OK, actually once.  I got a promotion and my boss took me out to celebrate.  I got kicked out of a club for throwing up on the dance floor!  Luckily, I don't remember, but I'm still mortified enough from the stories.
So, what's your thoughts on this?  Ever been so drunk you did something stupid?  Even if it was denying you drank a coke?


  1. Not from alcohol... but from Codeine. The first time I took it, I remember it made me feel weird, but I thought that was normal. I was a freshman in college and was supposed to be going to the airport to pick up a friend. My roommate kept saying "Let's go, let's go!" and I kept arguing that I had to send an email first, but I couldn't find the "send" key on the keyboard. She reminded me there wasn't one. She drove to the airport. But I do remember that, so it couldn't have been that bad, right?

    That's probably why a couple of years later, I got another terrible cough and took more Codeine. This time it overlapped with my best friend's birthday. I remember planning a small surprise party for her at my apartment... about 10 people or so. So when 50 people started showing up, I had no idea why or even who some of them were. Finally I just started asking "Did I invite you?" and everyone said yes and a few people even said "You drew us a map of how to get here."

    The next day I had the doctor note in my file that I am not allowed to take Codeine.

  2. Oh, and my cousin reminded me a few weeks ago that at the same party, I jumped over a couch and tackled a guy like I was on WWE or something.

  3. Sadly, yes, I have been so intoxicated that I don't remember things...though it has only happened a handful of times where I truly don't remember something. Speaking from a vast experience from drinking while on the water, there is something about it that can really hit you hard...something about the combination of sun, wind, water, and alcohol can really knock you on your arse.

  4. overserved as I call it...and me? NEVER..