Jump back in

So, I haven't been blogging consistently lately.  I have some silly idea that you guys don't want to listen to me whine (who am I kidding, I'm tired of listening to me whine!).  And, I've really had less to whine about.   After a discussion at work, things have been better there.  I feel better about myself there.  And home is fine.  It's the usual, his mom complains about everything, Brad races to finish dinner so he doesn't have to listen to her and the dogs constantly beg for treats.
And I try not to get worked up about the complaining, I eat less so I can finish faster and I give the dogs treats.  Whatever. You deal.
See, there I go, whining again.

I'm just jumping back in.  I have a few things I could talk about or show you guys.  We painted the house.  OK, we started painting the house.  And now the side and front is finished.  OK, the front is almost finished.  We couldn't exactly reach the top in two peaks, so that's not done.  But whatever, it's coming along.  And we could finish this weekend except it wont stop raining.  Seriously.
I saw that this year might break the record for rainfall-held since 1886 (or some other year a long time ago).  Which has been fab for not having to water the yard.
We also put crown molding on the kitchen cabinets.  That. Was. Interesting.
And the allergies are wearing me out.  Every year my allergies become worse and different.  Today, I managed to get out of bed, showered and that was it.  Undies on and a towel on my head, I crawled back in bed.  My allergies make me very sleepy, groggy and kind of yucky feeling.  Which sucks because I don't feel like I'm legitimately sick.  Like if I heard someone else complaining of what I have, I would so call them a wuss.

That's what I've got right now.  Promise a much more interesting post later this week.


  1. Awesome on the house. Not so awesome on the MIL. Hey, if I had to eat dinner with my mom, i'd eat a pea and be done. Seriously.
    I can't wait to see the finished house. Also, hope you are feeling better today and got your soup!

  2. Continuing our journey of freaky rips in the time-space continuum, I just literally rubbed a contact out of my eye in an effort to make it stop watering! I've been sneezing so much that I've actually been telling people "You don't have to say 'Bless you' every time I sneeze or else you'll never get a chance to say anything else!" Although I do wish they'd stop saying "Is it swine flu?" because, if it is, this is my 30th annual bout. :-) But, I'm glad you got a chance to write something. I don't think you are a whiner, but even if you were, I like reading other people's whining. It makes me feel justified in the fact that I do quite a lot of it myself!!

    And I'm laughing a lot at Sara's comment about eating a pea if she had to eat with her mom. I know the feeling! Except that I would never eat a pea.

  3. I KNOW! What is it with the mutating allergies?!?! This year I wake up coughing all the time. Everyone is suspicious that I'm sick when it's allergies! I guess it's one way to get a seat on a crowded bus.

    Except I don't ride busses. hmph.