So, Halloween is tomorrow. Yep.  And at the last minute, I've decided to attend a party.  Tonight.  And I have no costume.  None, whatsoever.
So, I'm going to need your help with a costume! Because despite my creativity when it comes to cakes and writing, I tend to draw a blank in other situations.
Take for instance, our work pumpkin carving contest.  Growing up, I never ever carved a pumpkin.  But, that doesn't leave me thinking that I can't or don't know how.  Nope.  I'm convinced that I would carve a kick-ass pumpkin.  A pumpkin that would make all the other pumpkins cower in fear.
One problem.  I lack inspiration.  What the heck would I carve?  Something genericy and halloweeny?  Like a cat or a witch or frankenstein?  Nah, too lame.  Or some pop culture reference, like a celebrity or an homage to that crazy balloon boy kid?  Well, I don't really follow that stuff either.  And I don't read Twilight, so vamps are off limits.
So, I cheated.  I made a cake. (Shaped like a pumpkin)

And, while 'impressive' I can't actually compete in the contest, therefore, can't win, but really can't lose either.  I chose to compete with myself.  I have problems.  I know this.
So, this leads me back to the costume.  What should I be?  I'm not opposed to purchasing something.  Or I could throw something together from my closet.
Part of me thinks it would be funny to get a chefs coat and walk around with a cake dummy. (I do have access to one-dummy that it, not coat.  I could probably get one somewhere.)  Or, I still have my wedding dress.  I've thought about donating it, so wearing it/messing it up wont bother me.  I'm not that attached to it - it served its purpose.  I also have knee-high black boots to be a biker? I don't know.  And I have a lot of business wear? What? Yeah, I'm running out of ideas!  I did see a funny picture of Kirstin Dunst (or however you spell that) dressed up as a Japanese anime character.  Crazy stripe leggings, fluffy skirt, blue wig.  Could be fun.
OK, I need ideas!  Let's go!


  1. That pumpkin cake is awesome.

    Did you ever dance and have aold costumes that you could be a zombie ballerina? Or a regular balleria I suppose.

    Oh, or an apron and a dress that would work for like a 1950s housewife? You know, pick your most retro shoes, curlers in the hair, matte red lipstick.

    I would say dig out some 80s stuff but that seems to be "in" right now so you'd probably just look trendy.

    Wow, I am not much help, sorry. I was just trying to think of what I might have on hand.

  2. Just read a funny one online - Lame Excuse

    They took Post-Its and wrote various lame excuses "I decided to come at the last minute" "The dog at my costume" and pinned them on their clothes. Then they got a cane or a walker and hobble around.

  3. I totally love the retro housewife idea! That could be so easy and cheap and cute!

  4. Sweet cake! I love it! I so so need to fly you here to make Elijah's cake, don't I?

  5. That cake is terrific! I never would've thought of that... well done!

    Sweetfern Handmade

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