It's a Cake!

This past weekend, I did a cake at the bakery.  I forgot how much fun it is to hang out there, and how awesome it is not to have to clean up a honkin' mess in my kitchen once I'm finished!  
Brad went to a football game out of town with the boys.  It was the first time I have ever slept in our bed without him (I've been the one to go on business trips, but never him).  It was strange.  I thought I would spread out and enjoy taking over the bed. Nope.  Ended up curled over on my side.  Odd how that works.  
I had been working on some figurines in advance for a cake.  Apparently the groom owns a landscaping company.  They wanted him and the bride sitting on a lawnmower.  

I made them out of fondant.  The hardest part was figuring out the proportions.  At first, he was giant and had this massive head.  They were very specific on the details.  Down to his blue flip-flops!  
When I got to the bakery Friday night, they had decided that in addition to the brides 4-tier cake, I would also do the grooms cake for which these guys were the topper.  No problem.  
Of course, what was a problem was that Brad was gone.  With his car.  He had asked me if he should leave it, but I knew that he would end up being the designated driver and that he would be more comfortable in his own car.  I told him it would be fine.  That was before I realized I was delivering both cakes.  

Luckily, my trunk is larger than it looks.  And the bottom two tiers fit perfectly beside the grooms cake. The top two tiers were in the front passenger floorboard and the figurines were in the seat. Normally, I hate having the cake out of sight.  I don't know what I think I could accomplish by simply looking at it, but it usually makes me feel better.  Either way, the cakes managed to make it in as many pieces as they went into the car.  

I had minimal damage to the top tier, some of the black icing smooshed against the side of the box and I had to repair it.  Otherwise, everything went smoothly.  And that's just what you want when delivering a cake!

They were only partially done decorating when I dropped off the cakes, but they had purple lights everywhere.  It gave the brides cake an interesting glow.  

After dropping off the cakes, I met a fellow blogger [Audreya] for dinner!  It's not often that you find someone with a cool blog and then realize that you get to hang out with them in person!  


  1. Those are gorgeous cakes!!!! Wow!!

  2. The cakes look great! I'm glad we got to hang out too. David is hoping we can get together sometime with husbands so he and Brad can wear Superman shirts and talk about Rambo. :-)

  3. Very very cool. You ARE coming to make Elijah's cake, right? I need a space shuttle, and you would rock that!