New hair

I've been busy (who hasn't?) but I thought I would pop in and see what's up with everyone.  Yesterday I ran and got my hair cut and colored.  A little less blonde and a bit more red and dark brown.  

Trying to transition into a more 'fall' look.  And I chopped off about 2 inches in the front.  I really like it.  She stacked the back, which is really cute.  Hopefully I will be able to fix it every morning.

And! Bangs! [well, sort of bangs] I haven't had any semblance of bangs in a while.  Probably five years.  Luckily, they're not bothering me as much as they did last time.  I'm notorious for tucking my hair behind my right ear, thus screwing up the time I took to fix it.  This way, the hair doesn't reach my ear! Ha!

And oddly, my bathroom lighting is not conducive for a great photo shoot.  Weird. 


  1. Super cute. I've had my hair stacked in the back many times and I always love it. It really was easy to do.

    I like the color too...I can see the red. I've always wanted to do red but can never commit to it.

  2. Looks cute! I love the dark colors for the winter season! I have swept bangs and everytime I cut them shorter, I always want the swept ones again.

  3. Oooh, I like it!! I tried to color over my highlights a few weeks ago for a more "fall" look, but I didn't go dark enough and it basically looks the same. I've got to try again. Short hair is the best! I like the way my hair looks long but I can never get it past that in-between length, so it goes short again.

  4. Very cute! Corey loves it when my hair is cut like that. I don't because I like to pull it back when I am running. I like the bang look on you!

  5. I like it! For the last few years (until recently), I've worn my hair in an inverted bob/stacked in the back. It's so easy to wear. Your color looks good, too!