Boys and boots

So, as promised, I got to go boot shopping.  Brad and I went out to the newest shopping center in search of DSW.  I went straight to the back and dug through the sale stuff.  Nothing.  (Although I did spy some cute black and white polka dot rain boots!)  So we went out to the regular price stuff.  And easily 1/4 of the store was boots.  I was in heaven!
That is until I realized none of them really looked like what I wanted.  I do not care for the platform heels where the sole is all connected and there's no separation between the heel and the sole (does that make sense?)  So that cut out about half of the boots.
And I really don't like the 'slouchy' ones.  Although I did try a pair on.  They looked just as stupid on my foot.  Actually worse.  I have discovered a problem.  I wear size 9 1/2 shoes.  And apparently, the shoe companies believe that if you have a massive foot, you must also have a massive calf.  This is not the case. So the slouchy boots just hung limply around my ankles.
It was not cool.
So that cut out another portion.  I tried on at least ten pairs of boots and for whatever reason, none of them worked.
But, Brad sat patiently, playing on his phone.  He even held my purse!  Which is something he's never had to do before.  But did so graciously.
Frustrated, we left DSW empty-handed.
I was sad, I mean, it's the shoe mecca!  If I can't find boots there, I was doomed!
We stopped by Kohls, (mostly because it was nearby) and left there just as empty-handed but much, much faster.
So Brad suggests JCPenney.  I'm not a huge fan.  I'm sure there are residual feelings left from the fact that it was the only place I was allowed to shop as a child (strictly sale racks).  But, what the hell, it was on the way home.
And, I was surprised.  I actually found two pair that I liked.  I was planning on just getting a black pair.  And I requested two styles in black to compare.  They had one, but she brought the other in brown.  So, I got both.
This pair actually came from their juniors section.  And they really fit my leg much better.

I had wanted to get real leather boots, but I just couldn't find any.  So, these will have to do.  The brand is Decree.  And they were on sale for around $50.  (This price was in the store.  It appears to be higher online).

The next pair I got were Worthington. And I think they were around $60.  I like the buckle detail.  It adds a little something, but without being overtly 'biker chick' like so many of the boot buckles do.

So here I am wearing the black pair.
And yes, it's terrible lighting.  Because I insist on using my iPhone as a camera, instead of breaking out the new camera that I had to have for our vacation.

(Don't you love how I take a crappy photo of a camera? Irony at its best)

It's just so, you know time consuming to plug it into the computer to download photos.  I like being able to just email myself my new pics.  So, until I break down, you're stuck with my crappy photos.  Sorry!

There will be more shopping.  Obviously, I have to have some skinny jeans that I can tuck into my boots.  Everything I currently own it a bit too bit and just doesn't work well.  Of course, this didn't stop me from wearing them all tucked in yesterday.
Have I mentioned I'm stubborn?


  1. I did the same thing when I bought new boots! I found the pair of jeans that worked best and made them work. I also need new jeans. Love the boots though!

  2. Cute boots! I don't have any jeans that work with mine to tuck them in either. But I don't know how I feel about skinny jeans in general so I've resisted buying any. I totally want a pair of flat boots but ugh, that's a tough gem to find and I've had no luck.

  3. Super cute! I do have boot envy. First, for the fact that I love cute boots but am a little gun shy about any significant heel. I'd rather not break my ankle AGAIN. Second, even the too-big calves that drowned your leg would never wrap themselves around my leg with any room left for jeans. (And the fact that they do make "plus sized" boots is just too depressing.) However, did you say cute rain boots?! That I can do!! And then I just live vicariously through your awesome regular boots.