Did you know?

No, you didn't.  You probably have no clue the following randomness I am about to bestow upon you.  Here is my own personal version of '10 things you didn't know about me' (And to be honest, I don't know if you really want to know them.)

10. If given a preference, I like to eat pretty things.  Yep.  Where Brad will suffice to eat 'flat' lunch meat, mine has to be folded in pretty loops.  Gravy.  Gravy must have a cute little edge to hold it on the [mashed] potatoes, you can't go haphazardly sloshing that stuff around.  Don't get me started on desserts.  Brad gets mad when I HAVE to have chocolate shavings on something that only he and I are eating.

9.  I'm entirely too strange about my feet.  Like, I can't stand if my socks get bunched under my toes.  And my socks have to match.  I don't care if I never take my shoes off (which, I don't), I can't have the knowledge that I am wearing mis-matched socks.

8. My first foray into advertising was creating election posters for my sister [for student council] when I was 15.  The posters garnered so much attention in our little junior high that she was disqualified from the election until my mom threw a fit, made them do the election over and she was unanimously voted 10th grade rep. (I still feel a little bad for the girl who won then was dethroned, or whatever you call not being in student council anymore.)

7.  Despite not being able to remember a single thing from the four times I took History of Civ II, I can recite the Preamble to the Constitution, the Gettysburg Address and The Jabberwocky (which has nothing to do with history, but more my general obsession with Alice in Wonderland)

6.  As mentioned in #7, I had to take Civ II four times.  The last time I begged for a 'D' and then had my friend fix my paper in order to pass.  I really hate history.  For the record, that's the only class I ever took more than once, in my entire college career.

5.  I tried out for my high schools flag line. I made the 'team' but quit when I realized I would technically be a member of the band and would have to attend band camp.  (I was dorky enough, I didn't need anymore help.)

4.  My mom has 'droopy' eyelids.  I am afraid I might have inherited them.  Only time will tell.  And if I did, I'm not above getting them lifted.  I'm just putting that out there. So if you ever see me and I look surprised, you'll know why.  And I warned Brad of this recently.  He is prepared.

3.  I like to sing really loudly in my car.  Therefore I turn the radio up even louder to drown myself out.  I will probably be deaf in a few years.

2.  I love puns.  They make me laugh.  My boss hates them.  Occasionally I like to slip them in because I know he will freak out.  Now, that makes me laugh.

1.  I think I'm funny when I get on a tear.  I will 'freak out' over something small because I think doing so is funny.  I realize this might make me look a bit melodramatic, but again, it makes me laugh.  And apparently, that's all I really care about in life.  I just hope others are laughing with me.

I'm going to try to get back on the NaNoWriMo horse today.  Wish me luck.  I'm vastly behind and see very little opportunity to finish the 50,000 words, but I have made progress and I think I managed to make a break-through where I can proceed with my writing.
We shall see.


  1. Well, as usual, the freakish similarities continue (although I don't have any foot / sock issues). When I read #7, I did a very loud happy dance in my head. I would have done it for real if not for the customers currently in the office. I'm ridiculously excited for March when the new Alice in Wonderland movie comes out!!! Also, David is well aware that a portion of our future income will need to be set aside for my fear of aging eyes!!! And puns are the greatest invention ever. Pretty food tastes better and the other day, I was singing so crazily in the car that I saw someone point and laugh at me.

  2. I think I may have inherited my mom's droopy eyelids too. And I am not above getting them lifted either. Actually I've heard/read that droopy eyelids can cause peripheral vision obstruction so it might really be *necessary* to get them fixed. I should just start saving now.

  3. I liked it! I love reading these and getting to know my blog friends better!
    Oh, I took health 3 times in high school. That is because i was always skipping though!