It's a Cake! (for the Press)

So, Two weeks ago, I spent a few days working on not one, but three cakes.  It was definitely an undertaking.  I've done numerous wedding cakes, but this was the first cake that was going to be used for a press conference.

And oddly, I never really freaked out.  (Something I tend to do from time to time.)  Sunday I cut, layered and shaped the cakes.   I didn't have enough icing from the bakery to work on all three, so I focused on one and crumb coated it and started the fondant decorations.

I spent all of Monday night working on the first one.  Unfortunately, things like mixing colors and deciding on the design eat up a lot of time.  I didn't quite finish it.

The next night, I worked on the other two and finished the first one.  Amazingly, I finished by 10 p.m.  At one point, I had the cakes in varying stages of completeness.  Instead of wrapping the entire cake in yellow fondant, I put it on in pieces, letting the door cover the seams.  This saved me a little bit of fondant and ensured that the fondant would be perfectly smooth.

The details are always the most fun part, but I usually don't manage my time well and have to rush through them.  Oddly, I just kept at a steady pace and got everything done that I wanted.

They turned out really cute!  If you've ever done a cake, you know that the end result is in your mind, but you never know if it will turn out quite as you envision.  So, seeing it complete is amazing.

And, as always, I fear the transportation.  But they made it in one [three] piece(s) just in time for the press conference!

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  1. They are amazing! You are getting quite a bit of business here on the side! You def. deserve those new boots- and pants to match!