My name is Kelli and I have a fat dog.

And now everyone in Arkansas knows it. (And now, the internet)
I've mentioned before that Phoebe is a bit on the pudgy side.  She's 'pleasantly plump.'  Some like to use the, 'she's not fat, she's fluffy.' Except, she's definitely not fluffy.
Dave Anderson is a photographer that I met via my photographer friend Kyle.  He works for himself, but also takes photos for a local magazine, Arkansas Life.  He posted on facebook that he was looking for local overweight pets.  So, I volunteered Phoebe.  The editor liked her.

He came over and took photo.  They liked her so much that she got a full page photo and is the lead animal featured in the story.

Which also includes quotes from me.  Where, of course, they picked the stupidest thing I said.  Granted, I said it. I guess, I didn't think of how my words would look in print.

Do you see that? "Her stomach began to droop." Really Kelli? Really? Aren't you supposed to be a wordsmith or something? Be a smart girl and use your words. *shaking head*

Luckily, she looked very pretty. Because, she is a pretty dog.  You know, despite being a bit on the pudgy side.  So, hopefully everyone looks at the photo and doesn't notice the stupidity that I was spewing.


  1. She IS a pretty dog. And, speaking for the pudgy, it just means there is more of her to love! :-) My mom's dachshund is also 19 pounds. He's supposedly on a diet. Yeah right. Me too. Plus, you did say "I guess you could say" after "droop". That's sort of like "all due respect". As long as you a qualify a statment, you can say whatever you want!

  2. awww she is pretty and looks so sweet!

  3. Her coat is so glossy! What do you feed her?

  4. Oh and I mean that for the glossy coat, not, erm because it is what you are feeding her that is causing her weight issues.

  5. I laughed the whole way through that! She is chubby and cute!

  6. Jen- I totally knew what you were meaning. We feed her Beneful 'Heathy Weight' [apparently it's not working!] and before that Beneful Puppy. But, the breeder we got her from fed them something entirely different and her coat has always been shiny. Must be good puppy genes.