Obligatory New Years-esque Post

2006- Finished my MBA in August. Chip on shoulder got too heavy, quit retail job in December.

2007- Started year unemployed.  Quickly found job as 'Vice President' of company that ended up going under. MIL diagnosed with cancer, moved in with us. Became a professional cake decorator at a bakery.  Free lanced as a writer at ad agency. Finally landed at current job in November.

2008- Write. Complain. Repeat.

2009- Things were different.  I managed to calm down a bit. MIL still lives with us, but finally got a clean bill of health, they have not stopped the Chemo, but the cancer has retreated.  My sister-in-law had a baby. She's a little cutie.  My sister also had a baby.  And he's a little chunk!  I stood up to my boss.  Declared I would stop crying all the time.  Made new friends. Wrote off some others.  Finished building our house.  Baked a few cakes.  Found I have more responsibilities than I am comfortable with in some aspects of my life and not enough in others.  Went to Mexico. Started writing book #3.

2010- Not really sure what this year will hold.  Last year I refused to make any resolutions. Life was too complicated to be compounded with thoughts to hold over my own head simply because the calendar had started over.
We will be returning to Mexico with a large group of friends, and I am so looking forward to that!  I want to write my book.  I tried to get started in November, with NaNoWriMo, but that didn't go so well. A month is not enough time to write a book.  So, I'm giving myself a year.  And, of course, I want to be healthier and stuff.  So less [junk] food and more exercise (and by more, I mean any).

I'm looking forward to a year of getting to know all of you!
Happy New Year!


  1. Exercise? I don't understand.

    Perhaps you can write a book about the Mexico trip. I'm sure it will involve tequilla. David will read it. He loves any stories that involve Kelli and / or tequilla. :-) Also, I think you should resolve to buy yourself that chattering Cookie Monster you've been eyeing.

  2. A Mexico trip with friends? Sounds amazing to me! Oh and I can't wait to see what you come up with cakes this year.