The weather outside is frightful...

OK, it's totally not. In terms of Arkansas weather, this falls around 'Eeh.' It's cold, you know for a state where summer lasts from late May until early October, but it's not wear-stockings-under-your-pants-so-you-can-survive-your-walk-into-work-cold. It's chilly, like around 30 degrees.  But the sun is warm and the wind doesn't usually blow.
We occasionally get bad weather. Mostly in the form of ice.

Making the drive to and from work a life or death scenario, where cars glide across the black ice like wobbly 5-year olds who have no clue what they're doing. It sends everyone racing to the grocery store to fight for the last loaf of bread and to their cell phones to declare they can't make it to work (despite having just gone to the grocery store).
But every once in a while, we get snow. Good, honest to God snow.

This was two years ago. The pups were a year old. It was their first real winter. Presley loved the snow. Phoebe didn't want anything to do with it. (Hence, there is no photo of her in the snow.) We got a light dusting. Enough to make us feel like we needed to put on sweaters and switch to an all soup diet, even if just for a few days.
Hopefully, wherever you are, the weather is treating you right. Whether it's the white [pre] Christmas that you want, or a tropical feel of a sun-drenched beach. (Obviously, where I would like to be!)


  1. No snow here in Portsmouth, Uk :'( We've just dropped down to about 2 degrees so hopefully there might be a flurry or two coming!

  2. I'll join you on the beach. Fresh air - fewer germs! I'm in!! I fully intended to not hate winter this year, but now that I have a cold following the sinus infection and hacking cough, I'm back to my anti-winter stance! Bring on the beach!!!

  3. I know. Last year I was in Florida and the Caribbean. This year? In the cold, and I mean Minnesota cold. Ick.

  4. I've gotta say I love being in Tampa, nice and warm :).