I'm around

Life is hectic. Every morning, I stand in the shower, washing my hair and penning that days blog post. It's poetic and thoughtful and well-meaning. And then with the click of my blow dryer, the thoughts go flying, scattered across the tile floor as I busy myself with make-up I'd rather not be messing with and necessary belly rub interruptions from Presley and occasionally Phoebe.
I relish those the most, when Phoebe decides that she wants to interact and have fun.
And then it's off to work. Where lately I have been bombarded with last-minute projects and revisions that can not be ignored. So, I write. But not for me, for everyone else.
I eagerly mark completed tasks off my lists as quickly as new ones seem to add themselves. I stare out the window for a few moments and wonder when those trees got green. I watch the clouds and the occassional air plane and return to writing. Ads. Brochures. Banners. and Web pages.
It's busy over here. I'm around. Lurking on Facebook. And reading your posts on occasion to help edge along my sanity. And I comment when I can.
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm around, I've got my Starbucks to get me through the day and, if you really want, you can find me on twitter. I still have a little time for that. I guess that's why they call it microblogging.


  1. i've missed you!! See you on twitter and FB at least!

  2. I think blogging goes like that for everyone... sometimes it's write, write, write and there are new posts galore. Then, other times, it's like we just drop off the face of the earth. Adult responsibilities! Boo!! Plus, we can tweet from our phones. Blogging from the phone... um, no thanks!