Who lives in a pineapple, under the sea?

Sponegebob Square pants!

Ok, I only know the song because of my nephew. 
So, our best friends son turned 4 this past week and I was really excited to make the cake. And, without having much history for watching the show, Parker declared without much hesitation that he wanted a Spongebob cake. 
"Done and done," I told them. Of course, not having kids of my own, my nephews, niece and close friends' kids will always have the coolest cakes ever. I figure, it's better than any toy [that will be discarded on the floor in a matter of minutes] and saves them on party costs as well.
But, being me, I couldn't bear to do some 'lame' run-of-the-mill Spongebob laying on a cake board.
No sir. 
Of course, what I really wanted was a bit closer to impossible and Brad quickly put me in check. "I want him to be standing on one foot, with the other kicked out behind him. And then his arm is outstretched holding this candle." I said, illustrating as I balanced on one foot.
"Um, no." Brad quickly declared. 
"But, he's skating! It's a skating party. He needs to be skating!" I declare, still balancing, thinking my awesome posing skills might persuade him.
No such luck. 
"Just have him standing in the skates. It will be fine."
I give in and we built this platform to hold Spongebob.

I used two 8x8 cakes cut in half and stacked them on top of the board and covered it with a crumb coat of icing. 

Then I began layering on fondant in the proper colors. 

I started adding details, built out from his face. 

After getting into the cake, I realized that I also probably couldn't come up with a good way to hold his arms up. 

Bummer. So, I wrapped fondant around floral wire and gave him a banner. 

Spongebob isn't complete without his friend, Gary!

I also decided that Gary and the candle could go on his head. That seemed like a very 'spongebob' thing to do. 

I finished off all his details on his face, like eyelashes, teeth and freckles.

 And the boys at the party loved it! They had so much fun eating his eyes and playing with Gary. 

There was pretty much nothing left!


  1. Being the official "Cake Aunt" is so fun! (Even if I'm not that child's official aunt.) Every year, Luke and Bonnie seem to have so much fun knowing I'll make them whatever cake they want. It's getting harder as they get older... like when Luke wanted "actual dinosaur bones", but it's still awesome. Their birthdays are coming up soon, so I wonder what it will be this year... hopefully SpongeBob so you can help me!! :-)

    He was fantastic - even if he had to have both feet on the ground.

  2. My son would freak out if he saw that cake..he loves Spongebob! You did an awesome job!

  3. WIll you fly up next year and make my kids cakes? You are seriously, seriously amazing!

  4. That is a great cake and an awesome present for your nephew. Must be a lot of fun to do a project like that.

  5. Wow, this is wild! WELL DONE, ma'am. Almost too perfect to eat.

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  7. Wow! I don't think that I have ever seen anything like this! Amazing job girl! Wow! I need to show this off to my Aunt In Law, she does cake decoarting, nothing like this though! Holy Smokes!