Some days

Some days are for running and frolicking and soaking up the midday sun.

Others are for introspection and deep meditation.

I know what kind of day today is. And yet, I see the sun peeking through the clouds, beckoning me to play.

I have decisions to make. Difficult decisions ahead. My outcome unknown.

And so I think, without trying to dwell.

I try to untangle the mass that is my head and my heart.

To figure out which to listen to at this time. See which makes more sense. Which one knows the true path I should follow.

For now, I look at what I've built. And wonder if I should do it again. Question if the same process will take me somewhere else or if I will simply be back at square one, destined to to it all again, only to be in the same place, but still someplace else.

So I will think, but who says you can't think in the sun?


  1. It's hard isn't it? To make a decision that seems so important. Here's what I think: even if the decision you make is not the right one, it maybe is just part of the process of getting to the right one.

    Many years ago, I made a decision and it was probably not the "right" one in hindsight. And yet I think about where I am now and wonder if I hadn't made the bad decision then, would I be where I am now? It's tough to say but I think the thing worse than making a bad decision is not making one at all.

    You'll make the right one and maybe playing in the sun will help you realize which one is right.

  2. Well, great! Now I am worried about YOU!
    Yes, I do think some days are for deep, meditative thought- they are what make us stronger. I'm here if you need me.