Too Often

Too often, I find myself in this position:

Talking to the dog. 

Here, I am instructing him that he should go over 'there' and lie in the grass. He did not obey. 

The frequency with which I find myself having the following conversation concerns me.

Brad: "What did you say?"

Me: "Oh, I was talking to the dog."

I know what you're thinking. 'Do they talk back?'
No, don't be silly, they don't talk back.  Not with words anyway.
They nod. And occasionally, Presley will sneeze when he wants my attention. But usually, when they want something, they simply sit in front of it and stare. 

Like when Presley decided that he wanted all of the Christmas treats I had made. 

And then recruited Phoebe to join his cause. 

Or any of the numerous times he wants a treat. 

Or to go outside.

Or for us to throw something. (even a giant stuffed dog that Brad made. Yes, Brad made that in high school!) 

Or for a belly rub. Yes, he will flop down anywhere he so desires and demand one. 
On the bed. 

Or on the tile floor. 

What can I say? They are my kids. And I adore them. Shedding, licking, fluffy sweetness and all. 

Phoebe loves to lay in the sun with her chewie. 

And Presley will die if he can't see me at any given moment when I am home. 

But they're my kids. And if talking to them makes me crazy, so be it. 


  1. Your not crazy, but perhaps I am. I talk to my deaf cat.

  2. I speak to Bruiser in both English and Spanish. Odd, since German is probably his first language. :-)

  3. nah, if it makes you happy- then why not, right!? They are adorable!

  4. Nah, not crazy. Animals understand, mostly. What they choose to listen to, that's another story!

  5. No girly, I found myself talking to Oscar this weekend about what I was going to do next through out my day of activities. All he did was cock his head and stare. Too fun.

  6. awwwww!!! your furbabies are so adorable!!! I love my puppy and talk to her often, I even sing to her sometimes lol. I swear they understand, especially if I tell lealu to sit, she sits, or if I tell her food, she goes to her dish to eat, or if I say walk, she definetly knows what that is and gets all excited! maybe they are just more advanced because they don't need to talk!! lol. thanks for stopping by and entering my teapot giveaway!

  7. hey there...new reader here. i refer to my poodle-bichon mix as my little boy in a dog costume. crazy? i think not.