A picture perfect weekend (sans pictures)

This past weekend was great. One of the best in a long time. As the weather turns more cheerful, I find that so do I. Despite my love of all things jackets and scarves, I am truly a Leo - a sun lover at heart.
So while I enjoy turning my face toward the sky and having my cheeks kissed with snow flakes, what I would rather be greeted with are rays. Beautiful, skin-warming rays of happiness.
Because, let's face it, the only thing I have more of than jackets are sunglasses.
Friday night I wasn't feeling like cooking. While we contemplated our options, I devoured a few puffy cheetos, and then felt really bad about them when we decided to use the $70 gift card to The Butcher Shop that was burning a hole in our pockets.
Dinner was fab. Crab cakes to start. Filet for me, prime rib for Brad. And a chocolate creme brule to finish. It was heaven. The food was awesome to say the least, but usually we just eat a main course and leave. But since we had a hefty gift card to dispose of, we were 'forced' to have an appetizer and dessert. And I realized sitting and talking to my husband for 2 hours is nice. And much better than the meals at home where he jumps up and declares, "I win!" and rushes back to the TV.
Saturday was spent at the race tracks with a large group of friends (about 11 or so). The last time I went, I tried to really study the horses and I was convinced I was going to crack this thing! I WOULD MASTER RACING!
Yeah, that didn't happen. I just frustrated myself and got all pissy. So this time, I didn't bother with betting. I let everyone else do it. And once, just for fun, I tried to 'let the beer decide' I won't explain it, but let's just go ahead and say it didn't work.
The ride back was a hilarious musical romp down memory lane where in the darkness of the car I sang too loudly and danced as crazy as one can crammed in the middle row between two guys who sometimes were dancing also.
Sunday was nice. What I wish all of February could have been. We stained a piece of the fence, making sure the color is right before we commit to it. Presley thought this would be a good time to roll in the grass.
(Can you see him? He's a black doggie)

The really, really dead, super-dried grass.
And he was very proud of his accomplishment.

Took the dogs for a walk and then I enjoyed a mid-afternoon nap where my only concern was making sure the sun still warmed my backside as I drifted off to sleep, knowing that my life was so simple that at that exact moment I was so carefree I could just sleep. And nothing else needed me.
It was beautiful. This was the perfect weekend. If every weekend could be like this, I would be in heaven.


  1. I couldn't even tell there was a dog there

  2. The weather was pretty yesterday!! I'm so ready for it to be warmer. I've even begun resenting my jackets. I know it's not fair to take it out on them but, you know, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I'm ready to put them up so I will love them even more in October. :-)

  3. yay! I am so happy that you had an awesome weekend. Your dinner sounds wonderful. Now, the pic of the dog was great- honestly? I had to look twice to see!!

  4. I couldn't see the pup either. If you look underneath the dead grass, I bet you'll see some green. When I was picking up poo this weekend (such is the glamor of my weekends), I saw some green and my heart literally leapt! Yay for green grass!

    Glad you had a nice weekend!

  5. I need some cheerful weather! I'm dying to have a day like you described (and the meal sounds wonderful too! I'll take one of those as well!)