Party at our house

This past Saturday we finally got to break in the house really well. Some of our friends got married and they wanted to have a small reception party after they got back from their honeymoon. Our house was suggested and I was all for it!
The party was a lot of fun. I made entirely too many sweets. (Not that anyone really complains about that) I made chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. They are to. die. for. Plain and simple. I know there's pretty much nobody who doesn't love cookie dough. And these guys give you that awesome cookie dough flavor in a fun little bite size and there are no eggs! So no fear of salmonella. (Which Brad fears every time I pull out chicken put tends to overlook when it comes to cookie dough. I guess he 'lives on the wild side.')

And of course, I made a small wedding cake. I wanted them to have the look of a layered cake, but I knew with so much other food that I didn't need to make a big cake. So I stuck with small layers and even alternated tall and short layers.

This was before I finished decorating. I went back and added some pearl dragee accents. Which are more visible in this photo.

All of the roses were made out of fondant. I didn't do this, but I'm considering buying a small mister bottle (like an atomizer) and filling it with extract and some of the luster dust. Then spraying the roses so they have a dewy shine without having to paint the whole thing. I've done that before but sometimes you see the painting streaks. And that can be hit or miss as far as looking intentional. I think spraying it will give just a hint of shine and sparkle and would be able to get down into the cracks.

There were kids running around everywhere. Our friends brought over their 'jump jump' for the kids to bounce in and we put it upstairs in Brad's media room. Which he calls 'the room he will never have because someone is making him take a vacation.' (Poor guy. I'm forcing him to go to Mexico with all our friends.)

And we also borrowed the projector from his work and had movies going on the wall. I think the kids were having a better party than the adults! (Here is Brad being attacked in the jump jump)

Our friends brought their son, who has made tremendous gains! I can't believe he was so small. He's walking now and just all kinds of adorable!

We did some projects before the party that I was really excited to get done. Like a shelf project in the kitchen that cost less than $50. And some side tables that we refurbished from pieces of a dining room table. I'll post the details next week.
And the funniest part of the night was when my slightly drunk husband couldn't stand the foot prints on the floor and mopped at midnight.


  1. Brad is OBSESSED with those floors! I'm a little surprised he didn't roll out that brown paper you see covering floors of houses that are on the market. :-)

    And a two pound baby... wow! Dena's baby was 6 weeks early. He was only 4 pounds and seemed so tiny. I can't imagine HALF that size. (He's just over one now and also doing great. He's been in PT / OT since he was a few months old. Not walking yet but pulling up and a master crawler!) It's good to see the teeny tiny ones get such good care and make great progress.

  2. mopping at midnight, huh? Hilarious! looks like a good time though!

  3. Man you are the most talented person i know when it comes to decorating cakes! amazing