21 days

I've heard it takes 21 days to create a habit, or in this case, break it.

Hi, my name is Kelli and I'm addicted to caffeine.
OK, was.

I had to quit. My doctor made me do it. Now, I wasn't super addicted that I needed ungodly amounts of the stuff. Just a consistent stream of Mt. Dew right in the arm...
Really, I just needed one a day (plus the occasional Starbucks) otherwise, I would end up with a killer headache that usually turned into a migraine.
The kind of pain that leaves you balled up on the bathroom floor (because the cold tile comforting and proximity to toilet for the inevitable yacking).  The kind of pain that was causing me to go through imitrex like they were pez. And at $50 for a 9 pack, it's a habit that adds up quickly.
The migraines didn't start until my early 20's. Blame my late-arriving eye problems, introduction of hormones, stress, staring at a computer, whatever. I'm not sure what caused them. But, I've been doing what I can to get rid of them, so the doc suggested I give up caffeine.
Does he not know that I need it? I don't drink alcohol [that much]. I don't smoke. I eat sorta kinda well. Either way, this is my one indulgence.
But, if it's somehow related to the migraines, I will gladly give it up.
And I did. 25 days ago. Luckily, it was after a 3 day migraine so it didn't hurt me like usual. On most days, if I didn't have a Dew by 1 p.m. I was in pain.
I really thought this was going to be harder. There's a half a case of MD in the pantry that I really don't know what to do with. I see it, but oddly, it doesn't taunt me like I thought it would.
The hardest part has been finding new things to drink. I chug water like nobody's business and enjoy a lot of lemonade.
And the migraines? I haven't had one yet, but if the caffeine was the problem has yet to be seen.
So, what's your favorite non-caffeinated drink? I need something new.


  1. Lemonade is a good choice. I mix it with sweet tea a lot (the Arnold Palmer, apparently). Restaurant tea isn't decaf but what we make at home is. I used to be a Sprite fan but now I prefer Sierra Mist if I drink one of them, which is almost never. We also have a lot of the single packet flavors to mix into water. Those help break up the monotony of water.

  2. I mix crystal light packets in with water. I am also a fan of lemonade.

    Mt. Dew seems to be the worst. I used to drink it a lot and quit in high school. I would have horrible headaches.

    Then I started drinking coke or pepsi, gave it up a couple times, but never had withdrawls like I did from Mt. Dew.

  3. I applaude your constitution! Actually, I had a horrible migraine a couple of weeks ago, complete with the yacking which I normally don't have, and wow, if I had those even once in a great while and my doc suggested no caffiene, I would give it up too!

    My little sis just made me get a Strawberry Limeade from Sonic this last weekend and that would be a good go to! Otherwise, ooh, you should try Aveda's Comforting Tea. It is so so good (but expensive).

  4. At Starbucks, they have those shaken lemonade teas. I get the kind made with the Passion herbal tea. It's crazy delicious. It's lemony, it's passionfruity, it's not too sweet but just sweet enough. And no caffeine!

    I don't drink anything with caffeine typically (unless you count chocolate consumption). I gave it up years ago. Now, because I avoid it, caffeine REALLY hits me hard when I do. Like I can't drink a Diet Coke much past noon or I won't be able to sleep at night. If that doesn't make me sound like I'm 80, I don't know what will.

  5. i gave up my one-a-day coke habit for Lent and it wasn't as bad as i thought either. I drank, like you, a lot of water, and some Gatorade G2... less sugar/cals than the reg gatorade.

  6. I've tried to quit the addiction. I am jealous of your staying power. Maybe I'll try again.

  7. Oh my. A life without caffeine is a difficult life indeed. I hope it is the cause of your migraines...then you'd never have to have another one again.

  8. Any of the crystal light mixes have proven to be tasty. You can get it and make a pitcher of it, plus it is only abut 5 calories a serving.