I'm sure you're familiar with the idea of a doppelganger. Someone who looks like you, your double.
I think I found mine in high school. No, not at my high school, but in a Seventeen magazine, while I was in high school. And I wasn't the only one who thought the Jordache model looked like me, a student convinced my entire art class that it, in fact, was me. He claimed the photo shoot took place over Spring break.
Not an upsetting doppelganger experience at all.

But, more recently, I decided that it's possible to have a 'life doppelganger.' Someone who has the same life as me.

If I were to describe myself, I would say this:
"Girl on the verge of her thirties, married for about five years, owns a home, has no kids but loves her pets and really enjoys blogging and decorating cakes."

Enter AudCole.

Want to know about her? Read the above statement.

She and I are so alike that it's scary.

So last week when she tweeted this:

I thought I needed to explain. (Hence this post)

And yes, we have nieces who have the same name (spelled differently) who were born FOUR days apart. That's just creepy.

I 'met' Audreya (And, really, who spells a name like that? I'll tell you who, someone who spells Kelly with an 'i'!) through a friend on Facebook - Liz (who's blog rocks BTW). She started following a blog called 'If you ask me.' And I thought, that sounds like something I would say. So I clicked it. And found that this really funny chick decorates cakes.

I was immediately intrigued. So I commented on one of her posts.

So then she came to my blog - and commented on MY post. Which [I won't get into the back story] but she-living in Greenbrier- had an odd connection to an experience that I had just blogged about.

So started our odd blogger/twitter/facebook friendship. For a while we thought we were so alike that maybe we were just talking to ourselves.  And debated the potential for a rip in the time/space continuum if we were to ever be in the same place a the same time.
Eventually we decided to meet up at our [both] favorite restaurant - Red Lobster. (laugh if you want, I don't care and neither does she!)

Please feel free to insert your own 'going on a blind date' jokes, lord knows our husbands did. Which of course is another thing we have in common. We both managed to marry wonderful men who occasionally act like 12-year old boys. We laughed as our husbands both sent us 'don't give it up on the first date' texts.

I told you, 12-year old boys!

Since then we introduced our husbands who, of course, get along perfectly. We were afraid that they wouldn't. Not because there was any reason, but because that just seems to be what would happen in this situation.

Either way, we've gotten the boys together several times, attended the LRTweeties together and talk on a semi-daily basis. Tomorrow is her birthday and I have plans with friends and can't attend her party. (It should be noted that she also has prior engagements on MY birthday, so we're even)

So, head over to Audreya's blog and wish her a happy birthday! And since I was sent to a social media conference at the last minute I missed her birthday lunch today (consider this post my consolation prize).


(And you should know, she's really funny. I mean, of course she is, she's just like me!)


  1. How funny! I love her too, but I do adore you, so naturally I do, right!?

  2. She sounds awesome! :-)

    Thank you so much for the sweet birthday post!! While I would have loved for you to make lunch, this is definitely a great consolation prize and I'm so glad we've gotten to be friends!! And that no harm was done to the space/time continuum in the process.