In anticipation of guests

OK, truth be told, we don't have any guests. Actually, we're pretty much past guests. But, that's not stopping us from putting together a pretty room that someone would love to stay in.

A while back, Brad and I upgraded to a king size bed and moved the old queen into the spare room. With it [obviously] went the oversized bed frame. It was too big for the spare room. And the twin nightstands were still in use in our room and the dresser never actually made the move to our new house - living out its unused days at the MIL's house. So, we sold it all on craigslist! And quickly I might add. In less than 24 hours we had a couple committed to our old set of Ashley furniture. (granted, 'old' really means six years, but whatever.) So now we are moving forward with plans of some kind of 'French country inspired modern stuff.' (I checked, that is the formal title of this category.)

So, here are a few teaser photos of what we are working with.

This will become the headboard.
Headboard door

Yes, it's a door. A door that we scored for $5. Yep, FIVE DOLLARS. Of course, who knows how much it will cost to get all that paint off. And, there is glass. While looking up headboard door photos, I noticed there weren't any with glass. We were going to be pioneers! (Or maybe it's because it's totally not practical to rest your head on glass. Whatever, we've already established this room is just for looking, not using. Carry on.)

A new paint job.
Contemplating stripes

Which, we already finished. So I can mention you know that really cool tip about using a glaze after you put up the tape to help keep the paint from seeping?

Yeah, it really doesn't work.

Moving on.

While looking for a cute jar to hold shells, Brad found this and declared we MUST have it.
Antique typewriter

So, we bought it. And I have to say, it's growing on me. And as someone pointed out, I AM a writer, so you know, it makes sense for me to have an antique typewriter.

And, despite only trying to spend a few dollars at the flea market, we saw this mirror.

And of course we bought it too. But, it's really a very cool mirror and will end up painted a very fab color. That's right, 'fab.' Because gold is not. And you can't get a good idea of scale of this mirror, but it's  almost three feet tall. The thing it's lying on? The pool table.  (because we get sooooo much use out of that!)

I will have a finished product to show in the next few weeks. I know you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting!


  1. I am! I can't wait to see how it all comes together! I am most excited to see the headboard and paint job!

  2. I have plans involving a door too... but not a headboard. We can be pioneers together!! I'm sure the room will look great. But, if I ever stay at your house for some reason, I'm sleeping on the giant ottoman. You know it's my favorite.

  3. The mirror is gorgeous, and I'm envious of the typerwriter! I love antiques like that. I dream of having one of those old crank telephones on my wall someday.

    I don't know that it's a good idea to have glass in your headboard. Maybe that's all my years of living in an earthquake zone talking. But...you don't want something that breakable and dangerous so close to your head.

  4. We just finished painting stripes in our nursery and discovered the secret to success. After you tape the walls, paint over the edges of the tape with whatever color is already on the walls. Then paint the stripe color on. It makes the lines really, really crisp when you peel the tape off. Hope this helps!