Me vs. The Weekend

As I discussed, back here, this is the first technical installment of 'Me vs. The Weekend!'

Me vs The Weekend

Hopefully you guys had a fun weekend and want to share it. So, read about my battles this weekend, then grab the button from the right bar and then come back here and link up!

On to my weekend:

Me vs. the spare bedroom:
I've been working on the spare room now for, uh, entirely too long. But, we finally got the desk finished and put up the bookshelves. My books finally have a place to rest. I also realized I don't have nearly enough books!
Winner: Me! (with procrastination coming in a close second)

Me vs. The Hogs:
We don't have a professional team of any kind in Arkansas, just the Hogs. So everyone loves them (we have nothing else.) So, every year when football season rolls around, I'm forced to endure hogs football (among other teams, most notably the Cowboys-Brad fav).
Winner: The Hogs (both literally and figuratively. They beat um, some other team they were playing, and I was in the house while the game was on and I sorta kinda heard some of it.)

Me vs. Two doe-eyed boys:
During the aforementioned Hogs game, I was 'asked' to play hide and go seek by two young guys. I could not say no.
Winner: The boys. I'm a sucker and a pretty good hider, you know, when compared to a 4-year old.

Me vs. the flower beds:
There's absolutely no contest here. The flower beds are kicking my ass! They look like crap. Two weeks ago the yard guy left a note requesting we 'get more mulch.' They're about 50% grass and another 20% weeds. And, there is going to be a large party at my house next weekend. I'm kind of embarrassed.
Winner: The weeds. Losers: Me and my neighbors. (I'm surprised I haven't gotten a letter!)

For the most part, this weekend kicked my butt. It wasn't very interesting and, I lost almost all my battles. Hopefully, next week will be more exciting. (I'm banking on it. There will be a 2 year-olds party at my house, which means lots of cup cakes, cake pops and cookies being made by me and not one, but TWO jump houses, one inside and one outside.)

So, how was your weekend? Let me know!

Last-minute add on: Me vs. Mr. Linky
WTF? I'm missing something. And since I totally procrastinated this post, I'm sitting here at 10:15 p.m. on Sunday night scrolling back months into a friends blog looking for this damn widget thing and coming up empty handed! Also, my laptop battery is hovering around 22%, wait, make that 21%. So, until I get it figured out (hint, hint Aud or Sara, I'm going to need you to tell me), just leave your info in the comment section.
Winner: Mr. Linky. Until we meet again. Scratch that, I just kicked Mr. Linky's butt!
I win!


  1. I know it's their bounce house, but tell the doe-eyed boys to go easy at their party! If they bust it, where will I sleep next time I'm over?! :-)

    For linkys (linkies?), I use linkytools.com Their homepage is a little wordy and looks like it might be confusing but it's totally not! And the guy has great tutorials if you get stuck.

    I'll be back soon with my post.

  2. Gah, I so want to do this but we are leaving for my in-laws in uh, less than four hours so yeah. Well, maybe later today I can hop on their computer and get one whipped up. Such a fun idea!

  3. Woohoo! It's a thing! I love it. Glad to be a part of the series. Thanks Kelli.