Cake Friday

It occurred to me that I haven't done a Cake Friday in a while so I thought I would post a few things that I've done recently. Nothing amazing, like an army dragon, but whatever.

For my little sisters 25th. I guess technically if she's 25, she's really not that little...

Kacie's 25th

When I first met my little, we were talking about hobbies. I mentioned that I made cakes. It was then determined that I HAD. TO. MAKE. HER. CAKE (which at the time was easily 8 months away). No problem. Although, I didn't realize at the time it was the day I would be leaving for Cancun, AND that I would also be doing my nephew's cupcakes that night as well.

These would be my nephew's cupcakes. He turned 1. Awww.
Cookie monster

And a close-up.

I made this one a while back. There is a terrible looking Dora the Explorer that I stubbornly made out of fondant who later took a head-long dive down the cake.

At least Boots looked kind of normal. This was also her 1st birthday cake.

Boots cake

Cookies for a baby shower tweet-up. They were delish. And if you want the recipes, I totally ripped the cookie recipe from here, and the icing from here. (Definitely worth trying!)


Cutie close-up!

Cookie close up

And, a fourth of July birthday cake. Yes, it ended up looking like a bonnet. No that wasn't intentional, but it didn't stop me from pretending like it was. Thank you.


  1. When are you going to open your own cake shop? I can be your spaz if you need one.

  2. Oooo those are awesome! Elly saw the cookie monster cupcake and asked if you would share? HA! =) Hope you are having a great weekend.