Me vs. The Weekend

This weekend was interesting, in that despite not having any kids, I ended up hosting a birthday party for a 2 year old. (And for the record, I pretty much loved every minute of it. Not enough to want to have my own kids or anything, but enough to let them come over and do it again!)

Me vs The Weekend

So, here's the birthday party version of Me vs. The Weekend! Feel free to link up and play along. We all want to know how your weekend went.

Me vs. desserts:
You know the episode of Friends where Phoebe is put in charge of the ice? (yes, I'm talking to you Aud.) Well, that's pretty much what happened with me. Since the party theme was Sesame Street, I wanted to try out Bakerella's Sesame Street Cake Pops. AND, I thought little cookies shaped like Elmo, and 2's and A's (for Aiden, the birthday boy) would be cute. BUT, you can't have a birthday party without real cake, so I also made cupcakes.
Winner: Me.
Loser: Brad, he had to clean up all that mess.

Speaking of cleaning...
We had to clean the house.
Me vs. cleaning:
It's not secret, I don't really like to clean exactly. But I will do it when forced. And forced being about thirty people rolling up in my house. I cleaned the kitchen and Brad claims it's 'the first time he's ever seen me do that.' I think he's lying. Whatever.

Winner: The kitchen.
It's really clean and I did not enjoy it.

Me vs. The landscaping:
Um, I think I mentioned this last weekend. I lost then, I'm losing now. I went out and sprayed all the grass and weeds in the flower beds. So, now instead of a bed full of weeds... I have a bed full of dead weeds. Slightly better? Not sure. Either way, we're still "those people."

Winner: There's no winner here. Just many, many losers. Myself and my neighbors included!

Me vs. Kids:
Obviously, as this was a child's birthday party, there were many kids in attendance. And while I didn't injure any (bonus!) I was not able to convince them that Elmo left in the yellow hummer that just happened to drive by. What? Big Bird could have a yellow hummer, you don't know! Also, I was slipping the birthday boy cookies like crazy and giving away cake pops any time a kid walked near me.

Winner: Me (I didn't hurt anyone. Did I mention how proud of that I was?)
Loser: Parents. Lord knows I did not want to be around after the inevitable sugar crash that HAD to happen.

So, that was my Me vs. The Weekend! Hope you guys had a great weekend, mine looks like it was a draw- fun, but I'm still exhausted. 
And, on another note, a friend started a new blog and I have a guest post up over there. It's called I'm Possible Stories, so head over there and you can read more of my rambling


  1. OMGoodness how fun is this! I will have to play along next Monday! =) HA! I HATE weeding...my poor neighbors probably think we are lazy lazy lazy people but whatev. HA!

    Have a great Monday and thanks again for sharing your story on ImPossible Stories. XOXO

  2. Whew, I managed to do this this morning. Awesome cake, btw. Can I just say you should totally open your own bakery?

    Also, your ImPossible post was inspiring. I mean I know I would do anything for my sister too but you are really an amazing, kind hearted person.

  3. CUPS AND ICE!!! :-)
    Sounds like you had a busy weekend. I did so shockingly little that I don't think it justifies a post this week. Seriously. David declared early in the week that he didn't want to go anywhere or do anything all weekend. So that's what we did (or didn't do?) And, of course, watched football.

  4. Awesome weekend! I want to come next time and you can pass me candy as I go by!