The girl who cried 'wolf,' I mean 'book.'

So, I'm writing another book. Yes. another. And no, I didn't finish the first one. (Which technically was like the third one. But who's counting?) I'm not abandoning that one, I still want to finish it, and I have most of it worked out in my head.

But, it's Nanowrimo time again. The time where countless people all foolishly agree to write a book in one month. Basically the challenge is to write 50,000 words in one month. That's about six pages per day, or 175 pages total. The idea is not just about 'finishing' a book in one month, but just forcing you as a writer to no longer question yourself. You don't have time. And really, the experience itself is fun.
I tried it last year, and didn't get very far. This year, I have an idea. It's fun. It might require me to do some hilarious research (more about this later). And I already have a few pages started. What little bit I did get done last year was interesting. I wrote a chapter until I couldn't think of any more and then, I would just make a decision. My characters did some interesting stuff that I wouldn't have ever thought of if not for the time constraint. You don't worry about editing or 'would she really do that?' Just write. And see where the character ends up. And, at the end of it all, if it sucks, well, I've only wasted a month now haven't I?

My struggle will be balancing writing at work and writing at home. I tend to use up all my creative juices at work and then come home tired, no longer wanting to stare at a computer screen. So, I have a plan.
I hate it. Brad loves it. When he's watching, I'll be writing. Sundays, Mondays, randomly recorded then watched on Wednesdays. If I see a pigskin, my fingers will be typing.
In the mornings I tend to get to work early. This is when I read blogs and occasionally write my own. But in November, I'll be writing. So if you don't 'see' me, you'll know why. And if you do, I probably need a kick in the pants.
I plan on writing some posts in October and scheduling them for November so my blog won't be empty. I'll also do periodic updates on the book.

So, this is the point when I try to play pied piper and convince you all to come along with me.
"It'll be fun!"
"Sleep is overrated!"
"All the cool kids have calluses from typing!"
"Taking on more than you can handle is practically the American dream! (Why do you hate America?)"
(And then I'd try some reverse psychology) 
"You probably couldn't finish anyway."


  1. I believe this is the same thing that a friend of mine John Jacobs, (or Horner which ever he is calling himself now) did and I think he finished it. So I know it is possible.

    I thought about trying this next year when I am not already writing 200 pages a month for grad classes.

    Good luck, I would love to read what you come up with. Who cares if it is incomplete.

  2. Sweet. I always love your writing style. I can't wait to stand in line and buy a copy of something you've written. Wait, would you ake me buy it, or just send me an advanced, signed copy? I will NOT sell it on ebay later.

  3. Dude, I am so down. I started a book last November that was really sucky, so this year I'm going for the Does Not Suck category. Can't wait to hear about your ideas!

  4. Oh I loved it last year. There is no other way I would have reached the number of words I did. I should have a goal to finish mine from last year but then that isn't technically Nanowrimo. But maybe I should at least try. Good luck, you'll be great!

  5. Every year I try to do this, it ends up in a big ole fail. usually because hell decides to freeze over in November. (somebody dies or gets real sick or the electricity goes out)

  6. You are a better woman than me. It took me a year to write my book, and it's just under 60,000 words. :)