An update

Several people have been asking, "What's going on with Kacie?"

Well, first, I want to thank everyone who helped out. My tiny little blog got over 300 visits in one day when I asked for help! Which is huge! I had friends, friends of friends, friends of people who barely know me all call, comment, message or DM me with offers of help.
So here's what I found out:
Independent Living in Conway- They have openings, but they require each person to have the waiver.
Friendship Care in Bryant- They had an opening, I missed it by a few weeks (!) but they think they might have another soon. She would be so close and the people there seem really nice. Also, because Kacie is high functioning, they think they could take her without the waiver but she would need to be on the waiver waiting list. Kacie is currently the first and only person on this waiting list.
Pathfinders in Jacksonville- They have additional locations, including Bryant, Benton and Haskell. They also said they could take Kacie without the waiver but on the list. They don't know when they might have an opening. Kacie is also the first person on this waiting list.
Our Way, United Way and the Civitan could not help. They were either full, no longer taking applications or do not offer any kind of housing.

The waiver. This is the community and home-based waiver through Medicaid that would pay for Kacie's services. The waiver process is a bit long and requires she have a psychological evaluation and a doctor's check-up. Kacie had an eval but it was July of 2005 and they are only good for 5 years (Of course), so I have to have a new eval done. The first place I was referred to will not take Medicaid as payment for individuals over the age of 21. (she's 25) I called the second place (UAMS) and was told that there is a waiting list (of course) and that since she is on medicaid, she has to be referred by her PCP. So I have to find her a PCP, take her for a visit and have them refer her before I can get her on the waiting list for an appointment. Once all the waiver paperwork is completed and sent in, Kacie will be placed on 'the list.' From there, it could take up to three years for her to get approved. (Or so I have been told by numerous people). And, from what I hear, the list is only going to get longer. There are some things happening in Arkansas right now (forgive my ignorance, I have no time for the news) they are in the process of shutting down some of the Human Development Centers. These children/adults will be displaced and will need housing. They will be bumped to the tops of all the lists, else they will be homeless. From what I understand this will be happening in the next six months.
For many places, the waiver is required. There is a difference between how some of the housing is paid and subsidized. Some requires the waiver. Others are government subsidized so they only charge the residents 30% of whatever income they have. This was how the Easter Seals housing was (the first that I ever looked into) so I originally had no clue about the waiver.
Now, I did find another place back in the beginning of my search, Cerebral Palsy Group of Arkansas. They have housing but no day program. But, I already have Kacie enrolled in the Easter Seals day program. I got a call last week from CPG asking if Kacie still needed a place. They will have an opening in a few weeks. It can be Kacies. But, they want a current psychological (see above) to make sure that she can handle living on her own. So I'm trying to work through that as quickly as possible. I hope that my friends at Easter Seals know of another place where I can get it done so that we don't have to wait on the list at UAMS.
So that's where we stand. There could possibly be a light at the end of the tunnel. Either way, let's all keep our fingers crossed that Kacie comes to some kind of resolution soon. She desperately needs a structured day program to help her.


  1. aw thanks for the update.
    I wonder if your PCP could take her or help you find an accepting PCP.
    Also-maybe your local hospital is linked with a MD's office. I know at mine, we have a family medicine center that is on the same billing as the hospital and has a financial counselor and a disability specialist.
    If you're not sure, you could call their information desk to find out.
    You're in my thoughts!

  2. You are incredible Kelli. Seriously. The people who you do things for in your life are very lucky to have you.