Just a dream

First, a tiny update: NaNoWriMo hasn't been that bad, although I'm technically not a week into it yet, but still. Days 1 and 2 were fine, I sailed right through my 1,667 word per day requirement. Yesterday, day 3? Not so much. I got some writing done early in the morning and a bit more at lunch, but there was too much work-work to do so the book got benched. I planned on working on it last night, including doing some work-homework. Unfortunately, my body felt otherwise and I ended up in bed at 7:30 with a migraine. Still not feeling 'great' so today might be bad as well. I'm taking Friday off for some things with Kacie as well as a wedding cake. So I should be able to catch up then. 
Back to my regularly scheduled post.

Last night during my imetrex induced coma I slept fitfully. Tossing and turning in the waves of sheets and pools of sweat. It's no wonder that in the early morning hours my dreams turned to a strange place.
I was at the beach with friends (but nobody I actually recognized) and their children were there. The kids had raced down to the beach to play. The waves had turned angry and rose up off the beach, towering in the air above us. One of my friends screamed, "The children!"
I raced up over the large dune to see a huge wave preparing to crash down on the little boy and girl. As the tide had pulled back there were hundreds of treasures littering the sand, including a large cluster of crystals. The boy was standing right beside it, frozen in fear at the wave. I ran as fast as I could and just before the wave crashed down, I grabbed his hand. Water swirled all around us as I pulled him toward me. He sputtered and coughed as I held him close. I tried to give him a breath of my air but he wouldn't take it. And just as quickly as the wave had appeared, it was gone. I carried him to the shore. He was safe.
In my dream I was still processing what had happened. In real life, I was jolted awake by tiny puppy paws walking across my stomach. As I laid there adjusting to the light and hugging Presley, it dawned on me.
There were two children in my dream.
I spent the morning getting ready and wondering, What happened to the little girl?


  1. Oh, that is sad, even in story form. Are you haunted thinking of what happened to her?

  2. I have a theory, but it's not for a blog comment. It's for a chat over a cup of coffee. Or a whiskey drink.