That damn book

OK, so I'm still technically 'in' the whole NaNoWriMo thing, but I've definitely slipped behind. Here are some of the handy statistics they provide, which are much more helpful than what I did last year with a calendar and calculator.

I still would like to finish in the month of November, but if not, I should still be able to in December. I'm really enjoying the characters. In my story the main character is a copywriter and works at a large ad agency (don't knock it, I only have a month, I must write what I know). Last night I was telling Brad about the fake agency I created and the silliness around it and he laughed. Which I thought was a good sign, mostly because that meant he was listening and secondly because he must have thought it was funny.

The agency my character works at is called Collins & Collins Creative Shop. Here's a short excerpt:

We turn and start walking toward the parking deck. “So where are you working now?” I ask.
“I’m managing my brother’s dental office.” He answers.
“No advertising?”
“Nope. You know," He leans over and whispers toward me."I really don’t like advertising. But don’t tell your boss. I hear they’re like the mafia. I could get killed just for saying that. And you? You could lose your job just from being around me.” He says with a laugh.
I laugh too, thinking about the ‘missing Collins.’ I’ve heard rumors that there is one that didn’t want to go into advertising and changed his name and works in real estate two states over. It’s probably just a rumor. But I have heard Charles Collins yelling into the phone once and then slam it down. Who knows, that was probably something completely different. Either way, these families are a bit crazy and slightly cult-like. You know, if you believe the rumors. 

And if you want to buddy up and encourage me to keep writing, I'm over here.


  1. I think this story has the potential to be surreal. :-)

  2. I think you'll do great. Keep at it. I fell way behind in the second half of the month last year but I'm still totally happy I have the 23,000ish words I do have. Even if they are likely a load of crap!

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  4. Keep Writing!! It beats ordering and then eating cookies :)

  5. Very cool! I think you are doing great, if that counts? Writing a whole story in a month is PRESSURE!!

  6. Sounds very cool - I wish I could start writing again but I can't seem to do it - my story got very sad and now I can't even open the document.

    Better luck next year right?

  7. I think I'd love your novel. I haven't told my hub what mine's about - mostly because I hate talking about works in progress. Makes him so mad!

    Keep the faith - you can do it!