It's official, my dog is a full-on child

I've mentioned before how much Presley is like a child. He does things that kids do (or things I assume kids do, Things I remember doing as a child). Like running to the door and pretending he heard something, then the second Phoebe runs over to see, he jumps on the couch and steals her chew toy.
Yes, he's done that more than once.
Or the 'please let me out to play, wait I want to come back in, no wait, out please' game.
But this weekend? His actions have me so convinced he is people that I'm considering enrolling him in kindergarden.

We store the dog food, snacks, medicine and such in the last cabinet at the end of the bar. Beside that on the floor is where we keep the food bowls. Presley is very active in telling me when he wants something. Usually a treat. He will stand in front of the cabinet and whine until I give in – and I usually do (I tell you, I would be a bad parent!).

Sunday morning we were working on the crown moulding, which required me to be up and down (and up and down) the ladder painting. And he sat there whining. I checked the food and water bowls – both full. I told him to eat that.
He still whined.
I gave him a treat. (sucker)
He still whined.
I couldn't figure out what his deal was!
And then it hit me. I had gone grocery shopping and there was a fresh bag of dog food. He wanted that dog food.

Seriously. (Do you see the food bowl? Same exact food.)

Do you remember doing that as a kid? Having a new box of cereal but your mom told you that you had to finish the opened cereal first? (just me?)

I gave in and he was happy and totally stopped whining. (Like I could deny that fluffy face.)

I'm telling you, kindergarden. If not that, then at least karate or something, he needs to work on his social skills.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! He is absolutely ready for the big K!! You will probably need to schedule a meeting to determine if he should move ahead a grade!!

    I can't deny my dogs either, the kids on the other hand...denying them is a piece of cake:)

  2. That is too cute! I am the same way with a new jar of peanut butter. SOmething in me HAS to open it and be first!